Aug 042014

When you are a rich liberal with a Marie Antoinette complex like Mark Takano, who cares about the little guy right? Just ask the abuse victims in the community college!

Read Takano’s campaign Finance Reports – they are full of Rich, Liberal Fat-Cat donors and extremist single-issue organizations.

While Takano is representing the fringes of society – the rest of us get screwed, witness:

H R 2231: Offshore Energy and Jobs Act
Vote Date: June 28, 2013 Vote: NAY
Offshore Oil and Gas.
This legislation (H.R. 2231), the Offshore Energy and Jobs Act, would allow for increased energy exploration and production on the Outer Continental Shelf and provide for equitable sharing of energy production revenue for all coastal states. The act also instructs the energy secretary to lease areas off the coast of South Carolina and Southern California that have geologically promising hydrocarbon resources. 

The House passed H.R. 2231 on June 28, 2013 by a vote of 235 to 186 (Roll Call 304). We have assigned pluses to the yeas because increased exploration and utilization of the country’s energy resources would greatly assist economic growth and energy independence for our nation.

Well now, isn’t this special. At a time in the economy when people’s incomes are shrinking ($3,500 a family on average since Obama’s inauguration) – Mark Takano had a chance to help out the little guy… instead, he chose to align himself with the far-left job killers in the never-drill-for-anything-anywhere caucus.

However, at least Takano is consistent – he prefers to allow millions of barrels of oil to be exported to our enemies because he opposed the Keystone KL pipeline that has been stonewalled by Obama for the last 6 years. Mind you, a growing super-majority of Americans support the Keystone XL pipeline.

H R 3: To approve the construction, operation, and maintenance of the Keystone XL pipeline, and for other purposes (May 22, 2013)
Keystone XL Pipeline. This bill (H.R. 3) would declare that “no Presidential permit shall be required for the pipeline described in the application filed on May 4, 2012, by TransCanada Keystone Pipeline, L.P.,” which includes the Nebraska reroute that was evaluated and approved in early 2013. This bill would also deem that the Keystone project has already satisfied all requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 and of the National Historic Preservation Act.  

According to a Reuters story posted online on May 22, 2013, “The project has been hailed by the energy industry as part of the U.S. push toward energy independence. It is also supported by many unions because it would provide thousands of construction jobs. Environmentalists have vociferously opposed the pipeline, saying it would raise greenhouse gas levels and lock the United States into long-term dependence on fossil fuels.”

The House passed H.R. 3 on May 22, 2013 by a vote of 241 to 175 (Roll Call 179). We have assigned pluses to the yeas because the federal government should allow entrepreneurs to develop energy resources, rather than deny access to the resources.

Got all that – the Labor Unions want this thing! However, Mark Takano chose the fringes of society over the workers, unions and real America once again!

Conservative Mugs 970×250

Who the heck is “representing” CA-41 anyway?

Is isn’t Mark Takano – he is so shifty, he may not even be able to represent himself!

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