Aug 072014

It’s consistent, isn’t it – the same Mark Takano, choice of Gloria Steniem and the far-left fringes is actually an enemy of real Women.

Abuse victims were called vigilantes, a report from the US Gov’t regarding Title IX violations was ignored, a fellow board member was stripped of all committee assignments for standing with the victims…

… so why is it not surprising that Takano would flaunt the state education code?

It starts here:

Mark Takano Opposed Limiting Administrative Costs in Education

On 5/19/1998 the Council voted to oppose Prop.223, the “The 95/5 Initiative”

Dianne Feinstein supported the initiative in the Ballot Argument

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The measure was defeated statewide… but Takano’s active role in defending bloated administrative costs and fat-cat salaries started years ago. (Note that in 1992, Takano attacked Congressman Ken Calvert for being a fat-cat himself)

So – the hypocrite gets caught again… and then it got worse:

“The story opens when Stearns, a certified accountant, and California Teacher’s Association chapter President Dwight Lomayesca decided to take a closer look at RCC’s financial budget to determine whether the college was in compliance with state regulations that required 50 percent of its funding to be spent inside the classroom.

Alas, they soon discovered that the administration, not the classroom, received more than 50 percent of that funding.

Bad news for the student body, and bad news for Stearns, when the administration decided to punish him for discovering this disparity in funding that violated state law.”

This story ran May 31, 2002.

Mark Takano and his school board got caught breaking the law and then they retaliated against Stearns.

The amount of readily available information on the community college district that Takano infested for all those years is quite disturbing.

It should be even further disturbing that there was a pattern of retaliation, abuse, harrassment and straight-up law-breaking by that board the whole time Takano was a part of it!

The only thing missing is $90k in Takano’s freezer.


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