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Remember, previously when we posted about the myriad problems with Abuse in the College District that Mark Takano used to serve on the board of:

“Evidence of a pattern of unreasonable, ineffective, and inequitable responses to claims of harassment is also reflected in the degree to which students were left to obtain their own resolutions after providing notice to the College of alleged discrimination. Students were left to fend for themselves in seeking cessation of the alleged unlawful conduct  and in removing themselves from the alleged hostile environment…”

Based on the examples and documents reviewed by OCR, in those instances when complaints of a hostile environment reached the individuals authorized to investigate the complaints, the investigation process was not timely, reasonably diligent or reliable as required by Titles VI an IX, nor were the processes prompt and equitable, as required by Title IX. The investigations were not sufficient to accord students the protections of Titles VI and IX…

Even where the College’s own internal investigation uncovered discrimination or retaliation, steps reasonably calculated to ensure that the violation would not reoccur were not taken.

Mark Takano was nowhere. He did nothing.

It gets worse – on the rare occasion when Takano actually showed leadership, it was horrendous:

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The above snippet is from a letter by the US Gov’t slamming the Community College Board that Takano was chair of at the time this particular case came up. (This district has been in court for a variety of issues over the years)

There were multiple claims of harassment and retaliation which resulted in the above admonishment from the U.S. Education Department Office For Civil Rights but the Board was only given 10 out of the 19 pages. When Trustee Slocum reported this to the Attorney General, Mark Takano retaliated by stripping her of her committee chairs.

Maybe Barack Obama should have Takano take charge of covering up Benghazi, the IRS scandal or a whole host of other maladies in his administration?

It looks like Mark Takano has been given a free pass and was never vetted. I wonder what all of his far-left populist supporters would say when confronted with the next part of the Tour De Takano:

Discrimination, harassment and retaliation may be occurring from the ground level up to the echelons of administration at Riverside Community College.

From students to faculty to administrators complaints are raging at RCC that harassment and retribution are part of the culture of the college.

On the student-faculty level, on April 7 and April 21, RCC instructor Ali Issa verified to Viewpoints editors that he was the unnamed professor in the Office for Civil Rights’ investigation released

Feb. 28. Viewpoints had already obtained police reports that put the retaliatory removal of Student 1 during one of Issa’s scheduled classes. The report found Issa unlawfully retaliated against Student 1, who was instructed by a college official to poll Issa’s class regarding his racial discrimination complaints. The report also addressed two other students’ accusations of sexual harassment.

— wait till you read the rest… Mark Takano is not who he claims to be. Rather, he is just another far-left politician who tosses away his principles for self-preservation, to clear away anyone who he thinks is in the way of his lust for power.

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