Jul 312014

Vern Pierson is an idiot. Kind of like another of El Dorado County’s idiots minus the chemicals, Vern just can’t help himself.

We saw the news in the Sac Bee today – but Vern Pierson could not help himself:

This joint prosecution by the California Attorney General’s Office and the DA’s Office, and the District Court’s decision today, has proven once again that no one is above the law … even the politically powerful,” El Dorado County District Attorney Vern Pierson said in a statement.”

Pierson will die by the same sword – the self-righteous abusers of their own power always do.

For those of you not privy to the situation – allow me to sum it up in few sentences.

Vern Pierson is the El Dorado County DA. He decided to use his office to light up some of his political enemies. Ray Nutting made himself an easy target because of his lacksadasical devil-may-care attitude toward his paperwork. Nutting beat the felony rap, but had to raise bail money. He was convicted of violating the political reform act over how he raised his bail money – a misdemeanor no less – but not on the original charges Pierson brought.

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A judge threw him out of office over the equivalent of  bar fight conviction, then the appeals court upheld the decision. The Bee did not go in to the reasons why – BTW, it is actually rare for an appeals court to overturn any decision no matter how absurd.

Pierson’s chest-beating should be a wake-up call to the political class in El Dorado County, you could be next unless you do something about Pierson. Vern Pierson has turned on dozens of people during his reign of terror in El Dorado County. Vern Pierson’s chest-beating is also a fitting political epitath for himself, because when Pierson is brought to justice, he will fall far harder than Ray Nutting ever did.

BTW – since it is a Misdemeanor conviction, Ray Nutting can still run for Supervisor again in the future.

If I was Vern Pierson, I’d have shut up. I’d have let Clinchard and his assistant make the statement. Instead, exhibiting the out of control psychosis rational people recognize, Pierson had to dance on the grave.

That is even dumber than his handshakes.

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