Jun 232014

Ok – we have a rich knucklehead. Check.

We have a carnival freak-show. Check.

There is this guy Sam Teresi who is closely allied with Sell-Out Conservative Sup D4 incumbent Ron Briggs (Briggs went NIMBY/BANANA once in office). Briggs didn’t have the guts to toss out Ray Nutting and rumor has it that the throw it to the judge thing was his idea. Teresi wasted $125,000 of his families’ money in 2006 running against Ray Nutting. He is not a Dead Fish Member, so he may be a promising candidate for people looking for true representation. Another drawback for Teresi is his ties to the development community.

Dead Fish Financier Ken Steers may want to add to his portfolio of wholly-owned subsidiaries in office in El Dorado County. His investment in Vern Pierson appears to have returned handsome dividends beyond his apparently weak sentence for his DUI… he finally put a head of a political enemy on a stick.

However, someone like Steers craves control which is why his apparent selection of Sam Miller raises some eyebrows. Military guys have a great ballot designation, this is for sure. However, Military Guys can sometimes be extremely difficult candidates. Given that Miller is also eyeing a transition in to firefighting, you wonder how much time he will have to campaign.

Could Ken Steers be leaving the Dead Fish Reservation with his own play?

Conservative Mugs 970×250

But now we get in to the most likely of Dead Fish. There are two candidates whose candidacy rings as true and are as reliable as a Stanhope disaster.

Janet Saitman – Member of the Latrobe School District Board and a Board Member of the left-leaning charity Habitat for Humanity. She and her husband own a property management firm, a cousin of development – suggesting possible development community ties.

More disturbing is that she is close to the abusive Joe Harn as well as former D1 El Dorado Supervisor John Knight. This puts her smack in the fish wrapper. She is a likely first-round Dead Fish pick.

However, there is an even bigger Dead Fish swirling around the toilet bowl of El Dorado County Politics:

Rusty Dupray – Dupray is a prototypical Dead Fish Society member. Served two terms already in a different district with significant overlap to this current district.

Dupray recently retired with a massive government salary from SacMetro Fire. Who better to be a “Republican” denizen of big government than someone with a fat six-figure pension from government?

It get’s better – Dupray is good buddies with the Abusive Joe Harn and the Psychotic DA Vern Pierson.

Dupray may be enjoying the good life he lives at the expense of taxpayers too much to jump in to this mess. However, you can make bank that the Dead Fish Society wants him to step up in the worst way to run.

I am not anti-development in the slightest. I just know that they play heavy and they are non-partisan. Developers make business decisions including financing left-wing wacko Coco for EID board. Whomever the developers donate to is a clear indicator of who they think makes them the most money.

Whomever Psychotic DA Vern Pierson and abusive Auditor Jon Harn endorses is the person they think gives them even more control of the county.

It is a simple game, really – follow the Dead Fish.

(BANANA = Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything)

Dear Lawyers and Thin-Skinned People – this is called political speech and commentary. Deal with it.

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