May 192014

We’ve already covered the fact that Joe Harn is a Bully and Vern Pierson is a Psycho. They are the two “patriarchs” of the Dead Fish Society. Harn and Pierson do everything together, including endorse and use the legal system to attack enemies.

Tomorrow Morning they are going to, via a proxy, take a run at Ray Nutting over misdemeanor convictions related to Nutting trying to raise bail money over the attempted lynching by Vern Pierson.

In the mean time, Auditor-Controller Joe Harn, aided by DA Vern Pierson decided to sue another political enemy Dan Dellinger in an attempt to bankrupt him personally. Pierson knew that no one would hire Dan Dellinger to run a political campaign with legal issues hanging over him – donors are undiscerning and squeamish. At least one candidate for office – Joe Harn’s opponent, hired a carnival sideshow instead of Dellinger or Cris Alarcon because of this issue and it appears that the damage done will re-elect Joe Harn.

This is why people pull these bully tactics. There are a lot of weak people in politics.

In Layman’s terms – what the Dead Fish Society are trying to do as apply a law that commonly only applies to municipalities to Dellinger who worked as a contractor on a Parcel Tax Measure for a district that was faced with a sudden loss of 25% of their budget.

The net end effect is that Dellinger has had $12000 in owed fees held up for two years and Joe Harn, true to his bully form is trying to avoid paying to remainder under the guise of this lawsuit.

Too Damn Hot Sale

Harn is trying to say that Dellinger did something wrong and the DA Vern Pierson appears to have assisted him in putting together the lawsuit.

Because Vern Pierson is a sissy (right down to the handshake), he tried to duck out of testifying at the trial of Dellinger. Like the lawyer he is, he attempted to quash the subpoena. Pierson Lost.

Since it appears that Vern Pierson needs to save face after the crushing defeat in his political rampage against Ray Nutting last week – Pierson also attempted to get a continuance on the lawsuit (he and) Joe Harn filed against Dellinger. Pierson wanted to move the lawsuit to after the deadline for the face-saving re-trial of the one Felony charge that hung 5 votes guilty and 7 votes not guilty, Pierson Lost.

While it was a couple of Pierson’s sock puppets and Dead Fish Society Apprentices Clinchard and his assistant that actually got the judicial beat-down first hand, you know that Pierson had the robotic arm up their orifices controlling them.

Last week Vern Pierson went 0-5-1 and this week has gone 0-2 thus far. Pretty soon he will be in the hall of fame with the 1995 Detroit Lions.

Vern Pierson had it all planned out. Now it is just a bunch of dead fish… and your intrepid blogger is here keeping score.

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