May 222014

El Dorado County Auditor-Controller Jon Harn and El Dorado DA Vern Pierson just got their asses handed to them.

In a three day trial that concluded with a 12-0 vote after just 47 minutes – the Lawsuit against Dan Dellinger was shot down in flames.

This concludes a week where Dead Fish Society Apprentice Clinchard and his assistant went 0-3.

The Dead Fish Society took a team loss on Tuesday morning as the board of supes decided to punt rather than do their bidding against Ray Nutting.

Last week, the Dead Fish Society went 0-5-1 against Ray Nutting as 5 felony charges were flushed down the toilet.

Now the only hope the Dead Fish Society has of not equaling the futility of the Detroit Lions (as they are currently 0-10) is to attempt a second bite and the tie ballgame.

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Yes – Vern Pierson is left with having to re-try the one felony count he could not even get a simple majority on in favor of conviction. Will Vern’s out-sized ego gode him in to flailing away at this again? Or will he thank his power crystals he did not draw a real opponent and just call it good and enjoy his absurd salary for another four years?

Based on the history I know of Vern Pierson – Clinchard and his assistant are going under the bus. Vern is going to make sure their careers are destroyed in El Dorado County and they will be forced to move elsewhere for employment. Vern Pierson never accepts responsibility for his own actions – this is part and parcel of holding a major office. 95% of these fools drink their own kool-aid.

This is how the Dead Fish Society operates. Either you’re a godfather or your expendable.

More importantly, a good man, Dan Dellinger gets his life back and is no longer under a legal cloud. Maybe some of the linguini-spined people afraid of hiring good help will employ Dellinger who we all knew was 100% innocent at the time.

My sincerest hope is that more people in El Dorado County will grow a set and start torching Joe Harn and Vern Pierson – because I won’t stop.

Lastly – remember the scandal over how Joe and Vern have been raping the taxpayers? Yeah – more on that soon.

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