Apr 262014

As you all know, the CRA endorsed Tim Donnelly. I am also a Vice President of CRA. I write this as an individual, not representing the CRA.

Neel Kashkari is the only other GOP candidate with money, he is a social liberal who I have met in person. I like Neel as a person, he is an articulate man and very engaging.

Tim Donnelly is earnest and very socially awkward. Donnelly has been busting his tail campaigning the old fashioned way. Donnelly has an empassioned army, many from the fringes of the political movement who have found a rally point.

I have told many people that I am torn.

I have serious reservations about Donnelly with regard to whether he helps or hurts the GOP as a whole at the top of the ticket.

The media hates Tim Donnelly. They have investigated him thoroughly. The best they have come up with is a teenage altercation and a video in 2006 where Tim Donnelly is making some very strong statements about the borders and immigration.

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The video in 2006 is what concerns me the most. I know Tim Donnelly is not a racist. However, there are tons of low-information voters and Jerry Brown has $20 million to spend. It is this dynamic that concerns me – especially in swing, majority dem districts in Central California and a few districts in the south with significant latino populations that we need to win / maintain.

If it was a purely ideological decision, I’d be chugging Donnelly Kool-Aid by the gallon.

Then, I look at the departure of Jennifer Kerns.

I look at the gun in the airport incident, and even before that some of the grumblings in the capitol about Tim Donnelly being a lone-ranger.

Is a lone-ranger that got caught with a gun in the airport good for the GOP? What about the Video from 2006?

Then, I look at the departure of Alex Vassar and the grumblings in the Capitol about the circumstances surrounding it.

Then the FPPC Complaint filed against Tim Donnelly does not look so ridiculous after all.

Is Tim Donnelly running for liberty to establish a self-exemption from the rules?

Then, recently – I found out that Tim Donnelly has been paying a deadbeat dad with a record as long as my arm of legal trouble for campaign work.

Actually, the payments went to his wife – because it appears any money Rodney Stanhope gets will be garnished to pay back child support or tax liens.

One page 287 of the 2013 Donnelly report is a payment of $781.20 to Sara Pace Stanhope and on Page 144 of the 3-17-2014 Donnelly report is a payment of $1554.81 to Space Promotions, a company set up in Sarah’s name that past payments for Rodney’s political work have been made to.

There is a pattern here. It keeps getting worse, not better. I am wondering what’s next.

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  1. Your an idiot.

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  2. Yes Aaron the entire FB world knew I was cranking from Orange County to Santa Barbara. Your quick dude. Congrats you can tell time.

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