Apr 282014

John Hrabe at the Cal Newsroom just blew up Tim Donnelly.

In contrast to his carefully-crafted image as a supporter of free market capitalism and individual liberty, Donnelly’s position on redevelopment not only puts him at odds with the Tea Party, but makes him with the most “socialist” candidate in the area of property rights.

And – this is just the start of the column.

Then add the muscle that Neel Kashkari added to today:

Mitt Romney and Darrell Issa endorse Neel Kashkari

The Mitt Romney endorsement matters a ton to me, this is a big deal. I really believed in and believe in Mitt Romney and hope he runs for President again in 2016.

I am starting to wonder if suddenly we have a race here.

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  One Response to “Governor’s Race Update 4-28-2014. Kashkari’s Biggest Endorsement Yet”

  1. Is there an assumption here, by the young Mr. Hrabe, that Kashkari has more of a clue than Donnelly when it comes to property rights and overbearing governmental agencies? Are we supposed to believe that Donnelly is the most socialist candidate in spite of Kashkari’s background with TARP? Are we supposed to believe that Donnelly is more of a crony capitalist than Kashkari despite Kashkari’s association with Goldman Sachs? In spite of Kashkari’s support for the killing of the unborn, support for same-sex marriage and Common Core? It is one thing to point out what one considers a bad vote by Donnelly, but to, on the basis of this claim, say that he is more socialist than Kashkari is ridiculous.

    By the way, the Jarvis Taxpayer’s Asso. has become notorious for endorsing whoever the RINO is. This org. has gone downhill fast since the death of a good man, Howard Jarvis. I don’t think Mr. Jarvis would recognize his organization.

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