Apr 082014

Isn’t this what Vern Pierson is prosecuting Ray Nutting for? Screwing up FPPC forms?

So, Vern paid for a bunch of campaign related stuff out of his pocket. Things like Proctologist Visits, Forehead Polish, Teeth Whitening, Paper Products, etc.

Someone noticed that Vern wrote himself checks for $4100 out of his DA campaign account and filed a complaint over it. (Vern is also his own treasurer)

The FPPC agreed and lit up Vern Pierson for violating campaign finance law. This guy is the El Dorado County DA?

This idiot is prosecuting Ray Nutting for screwing up his own paperwork? Eric Holder would be proud.

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  2 Responses to “El Dorado DA Vern Pierson Lit Up by FPPC For Screwing Up His Paperwork”

  1. Yeah, they really “lit him up” alright. That warning letter must have really stung. I bet he cried himself to sleep that night. Geez, reaching much? Tin foil hat on too tight? Your boy is going down. =)

    Blogger’s Note: We love hatemail. We love Vern Pierson – and if he wins, it will give us four more years of beating the crap out of him. SADDLE UP!

  2. If he wins? Ha ha ha! Your boy’s false candidate is long gone. As in, not on the ballot. So when he wins, you can keep doing exactly what you’re doing, which has no effect on anything at all. Give Cris Alarcon a big kiss for me! =)

    Blogger’s Note – Vern, you’re the one prosecuting Cris Alarcon, kiss him yourself.

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