Mar 112014

One of the major sources of the false and yet to be answered rumors about the origin of Art Moore’s campaign for congress was the NorCal Tea Party.

None of them called me. I received several second-hand inquiries that members of the NorCal Tea Party were communicating as fact that I recruited Art Moore. These claims were in addition to the bald-faced lies about the CRA convention.

I’ve only received a call from one Tea Party leader in the area. I told that person the exact story.

The email they sent last night shows what may be their lack of knowledge of the top-two primary process. There are two reps and a DTS on the ballot. Two make it to November. Tom McClintock has way too much name ID and positive name ID at that for him to miss the runoff. Trying to “Primary” McClintock would have only been possible with a Dem on the ballot and then only with millions of dollars spent against him.

I have never met Ginni Rapini in person – yet for years, she and members of her group have been slandering myself and others in the CRA, repeating unvetted rumors and making character assessments that are untrue. These are the people that Steve Frank are replying upon in his quest to take over the California Republican Party.

The email she sent about Art Moore Follows:

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Dear Patriot:

Art Moore is the guy who just filed to primary Tom McClintock.  His consultant harbors a personal grudge against McClintock, and now Tom is going to have to spend a lot of money to defend his seat, when he should be raising money for other conservatives instead.  This is really bad.  We need to apply some heat to this guy’s personal Facebook page:

Facebook Link

People should be polite and respectful, but indignant and outraged at the same time.  This guy grew up here, but has lived out of state for 18 years.  He moved here to primary Tom.  Why would he primary one of the most conservative Republicans in Congress, and a local hero (especially a tea party hero)?  Because he’s a “better” conservative?  Highly unlikely.

We’ve heard he has thin skin, and is very volatile.  I would suggest an incessant campaign on his FB page indicated above.

Ginny Rapini

NorCal Tea Party Coordinator

Similar to the assault by Tea Party leaders against the CRA for standing up and asserting our right to non-endorse, it appears that similar politics of personal destruction are being advocated by the NorCal tea party against Art Moore.

Neither help Tom McClintock at all.

Where is McClintock on all of this? The McClintock I know would not approve of any of this sort of behavior. 

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  2 Responses to “From the NorCal Tea Party: Art Moore has thin skin and is a Liberal Plant.”

  1. Who is Art Moore’s consultant that Ginny Rapie rants about? …. “His consultant harbors a personal grudge against McClintock”…..

  2. Talked with Art today in Murphys. Thought he was democrat challenger to Tom McClintock. He seems like good republican candidate. Why not run for state senate where more good can be done. Not much advantage over Tom McClintock

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