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An excuse.

If you read the recent column in the In Eldorado County website – you’d realize that a story broken right here on the Right On Daily Blog about former ElDo GOP leader Ken Steers has a direct nexus to DA Vern Pierson. Apparently, Vern Pierson was a “celebrity” bartender at the event that Steers got lit up at.

It remains to be seen if Vern Pierson will actually prosecute his ally and donor.

What is clear to this blogger is that Pierson is willing to abuse his office to target political opponents. Witness Daniel Dellinger and Cris Alarcon. Both were fingered in an 2011-2012 El Dorado Grand Jury report over a local ballot measure. Since the Grand Jury is shrouded by secrecy, there is no standard for evidence and no way for the accused to know what their recommendation was based on.

A pedophile?

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I will get to that in a bit – Alarcon and Dellinger ran the campaign for a fire district in El Dorado County. It included some campaign discussion prior the ballot measure, not after. This is the standard.  The Grand Jury / Vern Pierson said that they used public funds for campaigning without any concern about the fact that case law is clear. It is not possible to campaign for anything prior to there being a ballot measure filed.

Vern Pierson is prosecuting them both based on the recommendation of the Grand Jury that they misappropriated public funds. They were alleged to have done so before the local ballot measure was filed. The case will likely get thrown out – but it appears that Vern is attempting to punish both Alarcon and Dellinger, two of his most effective antagonists.

It also appears that like Ken Steers, El Do County Auditor-Controller Joe Harn is in on the attempted lynching. (That is when they aren’t being over-served or over-serving people whilst playing celebrity bartender)

Enter Kevin Hurtado. Hurtado is 45. Hurtado is gay and has a very young boyfriend. Ryan Donner is now 24.

Hurtado and Donner had a run-in with Cris Alarcon and Dan Dellinger which started about four years ago when Donner showed up at a El Do Board of Supervisors Meeting wanting to get involved in local politics.

Like smart operatives – when someone new shows up, you vet them. The vetting revealed that Donner had a boyfriend with a past. That is Kevin Hurtado.

A few months later this Kevin Hurtado offered to help with a boy scout event for the Pollock Pines Chamber. Alarcon outed Hurtado as a sex offender because of the nature of the event.

A story dated 12/19/2001 on the Tahoe Daily Tribune about Hurtado reveals that he was tried related to molesting several young boys:

Hurtado’s victims were all boys between the ages of 10 and 11. It began in 1986 when Hurtado, then in his early 20s, became a counselor at a wilderness camp in Santa Cruz County. Over three summers he molested seven boys. It ended in 1988 when one child reported Hurtado’s nighttime activities. Hurtado would orally copulate and masturbate the boys.

It is rare for local media sources to leave a story up for 12 years. Most of the time, they archive them on microfilm – this story is still easily accessible on the internet. Continuing to quote the story:

All three psychologists agreed that Hurtado was a pedophile.

Ultimately, Hurtado completed his parole for his pedophilia conviction from the events in the 1980’s. After seeing this story and being alerted to the public outing – I searched a public website and found that Kevin Hurtado is indeed a registered sex offender. It appears that the Hurtado on facebook and in the media story are all the same Kevin Hurtado.

According to accounts, Kevin Hurtado threatened Cris Alarcon.

Somehow, Ryan Donner made his way onto the Grand Jury about a year after the public outing of his boyfriend Kevin Hurtado. (Here is a picture of the two of them together on a cruise, that is dated late 2010)

Ryan Donner served on the 2011-2012 El Dorado Grand Jury. Not coincidentally, they recommended prosecuting Cris Alarcon and Daniel Dellinger over a local ballot measure campaign.

Alarcon and Dellinger have an air-tight case. It appears that Vern Pierson knows this, but is using the “Grand Jury Made me do it” defense.

And Pierson’s rampage is based on a Grand Jury that could easily have been influenced by the young boyfriend of a publicly outed pedophile?

Here is the last Irony – Auditor-Controller Joe Harn disbursed $10,000 after reviewing everything related to the local ballot measure campaign! Does that mean Vern Pierson should be prosecuting him too?

Small County Politics can be ugly.

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