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Contrary to what some think, I still have friends and lots of them.

I have talked to people over the years that have volunteered on the “efforts” that the Capitol Resource Institute has conducted. People on the CRI e-mail list for example, seem to magically get the emails for the various referenda (aka fundraisers) that they are running. Quoting an earlier post:

1. CRI employees were apparently taken off the CRI payroll and paid through the campaign.

2. The address of the Stop SB48 campaign and the CRI were the same for all intents and purposes.

3. There was no public accounting of what was done with the money raised – only scrutiny and research in to the fake prop 8 website exposed what was done.

4. According to volunteers that were present in the Stop SB48 headquarters – the effort was disorganized and there was no serious, coordinated or sustained effort to validate signatures that were being gathered. In addition – it appeared to the same source that the “staff” didn’t really seem to care about what was coming in the mail – and the error rate on the petitions was well over 50%.

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This would lead one to believe that the Stop SB48 effort was a fundraiser for the Capitol Resource Institute and not a serious effort to do anything.

That was the SB48 effort.

In the stop AB1266 effort – there were similarities, but the petition gathering effort was much more effective. This is likely because when they brought in Frank Schubert after-the-fact and after the clock was ticking wasting valuable time, it appears that they realized that their credibility was on the line.

About the same time Schubert was brought in – mysteriously, Karen England disappeared publicly.

There were numerous mistakes that appear to have been borne out of a desire by CRI to keep total control of the effort. It appears that there were drafting errors and delays in the title and summar.

Inexplicibly, it took a couple weeks to get a petition together after approval. There was no real, coordinated effort to line up assets to have people hitting the ground running once the petitions were ready.

My sources that helped with the AB1266 effort indicated that the Mormons were not involved in this effort and others via hearsay indicated that the petitioner, Gina Gleason, a long-time friend and ally of Karen’s was bad-mouthing Mormons. Anyone that remembers the Prop 8 effort remembers that the LDS Church was huge in that effort.

Where were the mormons? Why did I hear stories that they were shunned (or worse)?

I have an email exchange where I tried to connect the CRA with the effort. I sent the contact info of the CRA President to the campaign – no follow up. Worse, the person we apparently were supposed to call participated in the aforementioned lawsuits against CRA and founded an organization a couple years ago to compete with CRA!

Were they ever serious about engaging the CRA – the largest and most effective Conservative group in the state?

It is not just my opinion – another volunteer on the effort had this to say:

The volunteer effort came up short?

Volunteers collected 400,000 signatures, a huge number for a volunteer effort in the short time afforded for a referendum drive. As one of those volunteers, we did our part.

It was the paid signature gathering that came up woefully short. Those leading this effort are again responsible for wasting thousands and thousands of volunteer hours for nothing.

BTW… Two points.

Most of the local volunteers believed CRI and Karen England were leading Privacy for All Students. CRI and Karen were the only names stated in connection with the referendum. When I mentioned the other persons or groups involved, the universal reaction was, “Who are they?” “Who is Frank Schubert?”

Volunteers in (my area) were told in mid October that the volunteer effort was on track to meet its goal. So what happened in late October/ early November?

In my opinion, Privacy for All Students has been running a face saving campaign to deflect attention away from THEIR epic failure in leadership, organization, and fundraising on the referendum.

Meantime – the CRI er. AB1266 Referendum keeps sending out those emails for more cash.

Next up – the retrospective on where the money went in past efforts.

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