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Those of you watching the AB1266 Referendum know that on 12/20 – they had Pacific Justice Institute file a lawsuit for them today. I suggest that they (the 1266 people) had PJI do it as I have known for years that Brad Dacus is very close to Tim Lefever and Karen England. (I briefly lived in Brad Dacus’ house until he got married years ago)

Emails and conversations with activists show that there was little, if any separation in people’s minds between AB1266 and Capitol Resource Institute. The steering committee included three people with long-time ties to CRI (Tim Lefever being one of them). Since CRI had exactly similar patterns with similar fundraising er. referendum efforts in the past – (we will recount those soon) all the similarities were present. These include subletting space so the addresses of the referendum and the CRI were almost the same, and paying “expenses” of CRI employees (perhaps their salaries based on what we’ve seen in records) out of said effort and apparently using common email lists to solicit donations for said effort.

Another detail – the law firm retained to do this lawsuit for PJI on behalf of CRI/AB1266? Sweeney and Greene.

This is the same law-firm that was retained by Karen England to threaten this blog and was also used to sue the CRA twice. Yes – these paragons of conservative values sued the California Republican Assembly twice – in an attempt to take it over.

It has gotten back to this blogger that the people behind the AB1266 referndum who may or may not include Karen England and Frank Schubert have been calling donors both in an attempt to sabotage fundraising to qualify a back-up initiative when this mismanaged disaster fails to qualify and claiming that people are lying about Karen England.

It is amazing that a woman with such a pattern of psychotic behavior is still obsessed with what people think about her. (So much so that she spent several hundred dollars paying a lawyer to threaten us)

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The AB1266 people did try to separate Karen England from the campaign (somewhat).

However, the past history with failing to qualify a referendum against SB777 and SB48 caused many to be skeptical of this effort.

Worse, the Capitol Resource Institute appears to have filched $120,000 off of the Prop 8 effort in 2008, refused to cooperate with other Prop 8 aligned groups and an investigation revealed that over half the money appears to have gone straight back in to the CRI.

In politics, I have learned that people have to learn the hard way. They always have to experience it themselves.

So – if anyone reading this blog is questioning, in future posts, I will be laying out the myriad of evidence that both Karen England and the CRI itself appear to be frauds.

Please note that I am writing these blogs knowing full well that the thin-skinned Karen England has a sue-happy reputation despite the fact that it is always others suing to advance her interest.

The latest lawsuit where the PJI is suing Tulare and Mono County to count their petitions is in my opinion a politically-timed effort to save face by the proponents of this train wreck.

If they really cared about overturning AB1266 – they would be throwing their support behind an initiative. However, the history – which will be recounted here – appears to be the reason why they are pulling out all stops to save their credibility.


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