Sep 252013

Quoting directly from the Placerville Newswire story:

(the Judge) Buckley said the grand jury that leveled the indictment against Nutting was not properly instructed and that because those 18 people had been disbanded without being told not to talk about the case it would be impossible to reconvene them to reconsider that specific count.

However, the grand jury has since been discharged and the information “tainted” due to widespread discussion of the case, he continued.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is called a Jam Job.

To win the DA will have to get over a high bar called ‘intent.’  The DA will have to prove that it was not simply some common clerical errors as Nutting claims, but an elaborate scheme in which Nutting intended to hide his involvement with the fire fuel reduction program.  The DA will have to prove what was in Nutting’s mind, and he will have to do it, “beyond a reasonable doubt.

Good luck with your vendetta Mr. Pierson.

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I am wondering if Pierson can get disbarred for Malpractice? Someone, PLEASE RUN AGAINST THIS GUY.

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