Jun 262013

Ted Gaines got a CRA endorsement in 2012. CRA is a Conservative Grassroots organization. The CRA is Socially Conservative and Ted Gaines has always scored well.

Until the author of prop 8 ran against Ted’s unqualified and proven to be incompetent wife for assembly.

Today, Ted Gaines has come out of the closet against Prop 8:

Nothing to see here, move along now, he says. This is the same mantra of the moderate Republicans that think we should stay away from social issues.

Ted is entitled to his opinion – but lying to a Conservative Group to get its’ support is absurd.

In addition, it is simply a case of a personal vendetta against the author of Prop 8 for running for assembly against his wife. This is consistent with the Gaines pattern.

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So much for Christian Values.


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