Feb 272013

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R Karsh was the victim here.

Rodney Stanhope is quick to point out that the restraining order was denied by the judge. He omits that there was a temporary restraining order.

The details of this case are lurid at best. Again, we apologize to Regina K and her family as it appears that she has moved on nicely.

in an email sent Tuesday March 21, 2006 to Jeff Allen, Ken Barnes, Jeff Rainforth (who Rodney worked for as a candidate) and two others I don’t recognize – Rodney Stanhope threatened Regina K:

P.S. Really, I am getting tired of this, I am getting married and both I and my Girl are really tired of her crap – So seriously if I get one more piece of shit from her – And I’m for real – I will forward all of her communications to my entire Email blast list which amazingly contains the state wide College Republican contact list – you since I ran Volunteer for Tony (Strickland) it was easy to get & It was very easy to get the emails of all Professors at Sac State and each and every club president – Amazing what you can get online – Not to mention my blasts to all of her friends which is also very easy! Just a little cut and paste! So, really I ope you see what has been happening and let her know Back to Fuck off or else! A man can only be pushed so far before he decides to lash out and I am past that point with her shit – I don’t want to I just want her to go away and never contact me again – I will and have moved on and got no problem forgetting she ever existed – Get my point – Do u feel me!!!!

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So, there you have it. The one true conservative for CRP Vice Chair threatened to “Out” Regina as a stripper to all the Republicans he had emails for + throw in the Sac State Professors to boot!

Talk about a GOP war on women! No wonder why Regina left the GOP. (And the El Dorado victim also in 2012)

The documents are replete with F-Bombs in all caps and the like. There is one other nugget (pardon the pun) in the documents… (rodney again)

Oh and the whole deformed nut sack thing – Yeah I don’t get that since you didn’t have a problem with it while we were dating! Are furthermore – do you or anyone you know think that’s funny!!!?????? Really????

Not since Bill Clinton has someone’s anatomy been part of the political dialogue.

Why did Rodney threaten Regina? It appears from looking at all the documents that Regina had lent Rodney $4,000 to pay child support that was in arrears. (There are references to in the declarations) She was preparing to go to small claims court to try and get a judgement because again, Rodney wasn’t paying his bills.

The blackmail attempt appears to have been done to try and keep Regina out of court. It is unclear if Regina ever filed a case for the money.

More on Child Support and Ex-Wives… to be continued.

P.S. Fresh Links to the Court Docs: Set One, Set Two, Set Three. We have the complete files which are too big to embed in their entirety

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  4 Responses to “The Blackmail of Regina K by Rodney Stanhope”

  1. McClintock endorsed this guy?

  2. I have sent a scathing email and snail mail letter to McClintock’s office asking him to properly vet someone before endorsing them. Whether any of these accusations are true or not, these court records should have been accessed by his staff before he put his imprimatur on any candidate.
    I truly don’t think there’s even a hint of a win here. Harmeet has a lengthy list of impressive and credible endorsements, and no criminal past.
    Funny how when Repubs and conservatives need the ACLU they run like a cheetah to them.
    Remember “ACLU Supports Christians”? Just one of many cases where they were on our side.

  3. The Tom McClintock endorsement is beyond me, big time!!! Same for all the multitude of conservatives that are looking past his past like it were nothing. Liberal Democrats will point to this as our hypocritical moment. Sad commentary on our CRP!

  4. It seems a sad commentary, indeed.

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