Feb 242013

We know that Rodney Stanhope’s Resume is exaggerated. In other ways, it is understated.

Many people have uncovered the surface stuff from searching the internet and seeing basic notations or court cases.

We’ve proven that Rodney Stanhope has:

2007, Been Charged with Sexual Battery and pled guilty to “regular” battery getting a jail sentence that was commuted to service in the shed.

2008, 3 years of probation.

A Temporary Restraining order was indeed granted against him that led to a mediated settlement that is still in effect until 6/30/2013 in a harassment case in Galt, CA

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2009, The Galt School District banned Rodney from Campus.

2011, A second harassment complaint in El Dorado County

2003, Sued for Bad Checks.

In 2004, He Left his then-Wife for a Stripper and had legal problems related to that relationship.

2010-2012 (and before) Fired by several political campaigns including Mike Hudson, Jennifer Goode and the El Dorado County Republican Party.

Falsely Claims on Linked In to have worked for the El Dorado GOP for 2 years 2009-2011. He was hired on March of 2010 and Let Go in November of 2010.

Has as many as six still-outstanding tax liens.

Multiple allegations of Drug and Alcohol Abuse. (Including one specific reference to Meth in the court documents)

According to records, Mr. Stanhope appears to have had 20 different addresses in the last 20 years. While this is not illegal – it does not suggest stability.

People in Solano County, El Dorado County, and Sacramento County have all reached out to this blog with their (negative) stories about Mr. Stanhope. These are all areas where Rodney has done political work in the recent past. This sort of a pattern also suggests a behavior pattern.

His vulgar text messages to members of the Placer CRA is nothing new as well, nor are the threatening phone calls. The court documents are replete with Rodney’s outbursts at all times of the day and night. In addition – several people have come forward with text messages, emails and facebook messages sent to them by Mr. Stanhope. They are all replete with vulgarities.

Is this the “Conservative Choice”? Is this ANY choice for California Republican Party Vice-Chairman?

There is a process called “Vetting” for a reason… not rushing headlong in to a disaster because of a label. I’d even challenge the notion that Rodney is a Conservative – there is no evidence in his life to prove it.

But, wait… there’s still more…

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