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One Civil Harassment Case – you can explain, but two? And the second less than a year ago?

Rodney Stanhope has a way with words. His prodigious use of the F-Bomb is legendary.

A couple of Women in El Dorado County found out. The situation was in June 2012 when a little girl, Linnea Lomax went missing. We recall personally when Rodney was posting on his facebook page and tweeting incessantly about it.

Apparently – during the course of the search, many became concerned about Rodney’s behavior and his motives in participating in the search. The person that requested the restraining order did so because she feared for her safety. She indicated to us that she has know Rodney since high school.

Apparently, the issues started when the High School Friend of Rodney suggested that he needed help related to his substance abuse. (Her words) Rodney apparently became enraged and started his established pattern.

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Please refer to pages 8 and 9 of the civil complaint – the police report. The report details multiple profanity laden threats from Mr. Stanhope.

The first threat read – “I hope someday it’s your daughter. Don’t bother asking for help” and the second message said, “You think its’ bad now. It’s just begun“. Rodney Stanhope had returned to his pattern of abusive behavior toward Woman he disagreed with or didn’t get what he wanted from.

Remember – this occurred last summer while Mr. Stanhope was still under the conditions of the mediated settlement with the Moon Family.

For reasons I am unaware of, the Judge did not grant a restraining order. The other source for this information said that she seriously considered sleeping with a gun on her nightstand because she had similar fears as the petitioner.

The police report continues with Rodney cursing out the deputy when the deputy spoke to him. He told the officer that when the Petitioner suggested he needed help that she could “take her little prayer” and “bullshit” that he needs help and stay out of his life.

He referred to a well-known political activist as the petitioner’s “stupid little bitch friend Roesanne“. And Mr. Stanhope seeks to be the State Vice Chairman of the GOP.

On 07/03/2012 at 248AM – aka the middle of the night after the 07/02/2012 call with the deputy – Rodney Stanhope text messaged the petitioner with a text that said, “Hahahahaha game on”. It appears that 2-3AM is one of Mr. Stanhope’s primary times for sending text messages. We are sure that other CRP board members will not be looking forward to those should Stanhope win.

As a footnote – it was reported to me that the day after the complaint was filed, that the petitioner’s car had its’ tires damaged (poked, partially slashed, etc) and the following day the car was “keyed”.

This would be consistent with photographing a school and leaving peanut shells near the front door of the house of an adversary with a severe peanut allergy.

Just the facts from the court documents are enough to embarrass all but the most insane for supporting Rodney Stanhope for anything.

P.S. As we understand it, Linnea Lomax committed suicide. After her body was found, Rodney sent the following facebook message to both Women who were the source of this blog:

“Take a real fucking close look at where they found Linnea and where Channel filmed me and my friends searching – Do you have any idea how sad and hurt I am that you 2 bitches attacked me that day because of the news and upset me so bad I gave up and didn’t walk 40 more yards. We would have found her that day!! Fuck both of you! There is a reason you can both rot in hell. this is your fault. Add that to your fucking prayers!!”

Rodney Stanhope, the “True Conservative” for CRP Vice Chair.

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