Rodney Stanhope / Tea Party – Bald Faced Email Lie From “Pam Toby Silliman”

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Feb 252013

A lot of people got an email from “Pam Toby Silliman” about Harmeet Dhillon sent from a “Tea Party Alliance” 3240 Forni Rd Placerville, CA 95667.

According to sources in El Dorado County – this address is that of Rodney’s Mother.

The Email Linked here – depicts a tea party, not the Napa Tea Party of which Pam Toby Silleman is a leader. (Note the correct spelling)

Pam Toby Silleman – the real Pam Toby Silleman sent me the following email:

Someone used my MISSPELLED name, yes, but it DID NOT come from me! 

I frankly am so DONE with politics now, I would not waste my time.

But, I wanted you to know that I did NOT write or send this.B-) cool

I would never play such ugly games as this.

So the sender was a fraud and the content? As I stated earlier, not a photo of the Napa Tea Party. Also the email it depicts Harmeet Dhillon Sending advocating joining the attempted Far-Left Republican re-writing of the CA GOP Platform is also a fraud.

Dhillon signed no such email, ever and affirmed her support for the current platform of the CRP in writing on her facebook page when asked direct questions by Craig De Luz.

So – the sender is a forgery and the content of the email itself is a forgery.

After what we have learned about Rodney Stanhope – fraud is par for the course.

And notice – another casualty of dishonesty, this Tea Party leader is done with politics. Is this what we want in a Vice-Chairman of our 29.4% and falling California GOP?

P.S. as a bizarre footnote – many of the Tea Party members attacking Harmeet Dhillon for allegedly wanting to gut the CRP Platform are rabid supporters of Doug LaMalfa and Jim Nielsen. Linked here is an expose’ in to the role Jim Nielsen and Doug LaMalfa played in the 2011 attempt to gut the California Republican Party Platform.

The Tea Party has it wrong on both ends – they are attacking a platform supporter and loving two platform destroyers.

Rodney Stanhope’s History – Fodder for a Novel, Not Leadership

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Feb 242013

We know that Rodney Stanhope’s Resume is exaggerated. In other ways, it is understated.

Many people have uncovered the surface stuff from searching the internet and seeing basic notations or court cases.

We’ve proven that Rodney Stanhope has:

2007, Been Charged with Sexual Battery and pled guilty to “regular” battery getting a jail sentence that was commuted to service in the shed.

2008, 3 years of probation.

A Temporary Restraining order was indeed granted against him that led to a mediated settlement that is still in effect until 6/30/2013 in a harassment case in Galt, CA

2009, The Galt School District banned Rodney from Campus.

2011, A second harassment complaint in El Dorado County

2003, Sued for Bad Checks.

In 2004, He Left his then-Wife for a Stripper and had legal problems related to that relationship.

2010-2012 (and before) Fired by several political campaigns including Mike Hudson, Jennifer Goode and the El Dorado County Republican Party.

Falsely Claims on Linked In to have worked for the El Dorado GOP for 2 years 2009-2011. He was hired on March of 2010 and Let Go in November of 2010.

Has as many as six still-outstanding tax liens.

Multiple allegations of Drug and Alcohol Abuse. (Including one specific reference to Meth in the court documents)

According to records, Mr. Stanhope appears to have had 20 different addresses in the last 20 years. While this is not illegal – it does not suggest stability.

People in Solano County, El Dorado County, and Sacramento County have all reached out to this blog with their (negative) stories about Mr. Stanhope. These are all areas where Rodney has done political work in the recent past. This sort of a pattern also suggests a behavior pattern.

His vulgar text messages to members of the Placer CRA is nothing new as well, nor are the threatening phone calls. The court documents are replete with Rodney’s outbursts at all times of the day and night. In addition – several people have come forward with text messages, emails and facebook messages sent to them by Mr. Stanhope. They are all replete with vulgarities.

Is this the “Conservative Choice”? Is this ANY choice for California Republican Party Vice-Chairman?

There is a process called “Vetting” for a reason… not rushing headlong in to a disaster because of a label. I’d even challenge the notion that Rodney is a Conservative – there is no evidence in his life to prove it.

But, wait… there’s still more…

Feb 222013

Rodney Stanhope has a lot of history.

One part of his history that he has never attempted to explain are his tax liens. SIX of them.

The period of time is staggering: 1999 – 2006.

It is extremely difficult to explain when they span this length of time.

Let’s break down the attached documents

The first and Second tax liens are State Tax Liens from 1999 and 2001 for $1544.83. You don’t get liened for making payments on that small of an amount. Since the lien was filed 8/18/2003 – it appears that it was filed for a deliberate intent not to pay.

Please note that around that time in 2003, Mr. Stanhope was sued for bad checks by Action HVAC.

Case Number: 03SC08506
Filing Date: 09/29/2003
Case Type: Bad Checks
Select Name Party Type

From the 2004 and 2006 tax years comes Lien 3 and 4. The total was $1,668.73 when the lien was first filed on 10/03/2008 and then it was filed again 06/11/2010 for $1,806.63.

It also appears that Rodney Stanhope has had some 20! addresses in the last 20 years. This is highly unusual. Note that the liens have several different addresses on them.

Again – two separate filings 22 months apart for the same lien with nothing paid on it.

And, finally the IRS jumps in with Liens 5 and 6 totalling $28,886.59. These were filed on 3/2/2009.

… and the pattern continues. Is this the sort of behavior one wants from a prospective California Republican Party Vice-Chairman?

With the CRP $500-$800k in debt, we need candidates that know how to pay their bills.


Feb 212013

The erstwhile Vice-Chairman of the California Republican Party had a very eventful couple of years from 2007-2009. He was in court a lot.

In fact- he is still bound by the terms of a mediated settlement related to the civil harassment petition of the Moon Family against him until 6/30/2013.

While the author of this post is not a legal expert – this would appear to be the civil equivalent of Probation in a criminal case.

Are you wondering what the State Media would do if they did their homework and found this out?

In the court documents (pages 6,7) – There is a solid reference May 2008 to Rodney admitting to Meth Use when he first started dating Debbie Jones four months prior. This is the only written evidence of drug use by Stanhope – the rest in anecdotal from multiple people.

* Nov-Dec 2008 – there is a reference to Rodney threatening to lock the petitioner’s daughter in the garage just like he did his girlfriend’s two nieces (aged 7,8) in the dark. The Garage was described as super cluttered.

* Feb 2009 – there is a notation that Rodney Stanhope was arrested at a Galt City Council meeting on 4 outstanding warrants. According to the documents he blamed the petitioner for his arrest.

* Details in the court documents indicate that Rodney appeared to have violated his end of the mediated settlement several times. This caused the principal of the school / the Galt School District to:

— Send Rodney a letter telling him he was prohibited from attending any school activities.

— call the Galt Police Department multiple times.

* It also appears that Rodney was accused of leaving peanut shells at the property of the little girl who was apparently very allergic to peanuts.

* One of the police incident reports indicates that Stanhope was seen photographing the school.

It is a mystery to me why the judge did not grant the restraining order.

Meth Use, potential Child Abuse, potential stalking and more arrests. The true conservative for CRP Vice Chairman?

The mediated settlement was simple – both sides were to have no contact whatsoever and to stay 40 feet away from each other, it appears that Rodney may have even violated that.

The sudden stop in the file appears to correspond to Rodney leaving Galt and heading back up to El Dorado County.

This is recent 2008-2009, is this the behavior of the future Vice-Chairman of the Republican Party?

To be Continued…

Feb 202013


Case Number: 09CP00423
Filing Date: 04/27/2009
Select Name Party Type
EMIG, MAYA Attorney for Petitioner
MOON, APRIL Petitioner
Case Number: 09CP01185
Filing Date: 10/29/2009
Select Name Party Type
MOON, APRIL Petitioner
THIEL, MARK Attorney for Respondent

Recent – again, while on probation for battery, Mr. Stanhope found himself in trouble with the law again.

* There have been many allegations against Mr. Stanhope. This is actually a temporary restraining order that led to a mediated settlement. When Rodney claims that there never was a restraining order – it is technically not true, and denying or omitting the part about the mediated settlement at the end is extremely misleading.

* Rodney lived in Galt with a Woman named Debbie Jones – her name is all over these Court Documents. Apparently, very shortly after breaking off what was described as an engagement to her, Mr. Stanhope married his current wife.

* It has also been reported to us that Debbie Jones has a child by Mr. Stanhope that was born after he was already married to his current wife. It is unclear if Mr. Stanhope is paying child support in that case or not, if in fact there is a child between Jones and Stanhope.

* The court documents show a series of vile text messages sent by Rodney to the requestor of the restraining order – 4/25/2009 “You need to stop f–king talking s–t about my daughter or else we are going to have a problem. Why the F–K can’t you grow up. I already know your b—h ass was the one that called my ex wife. ”

It is unclear which of Rodney’s ex-wives the target of this text had called.

* Mr. Stanhope made direct threats: “You really are a f–king piece of crap. Dare me to drive to your house” signed Rodney Stanhope, Stanhope Enterprises.

* Dec 3, 2008 – Rodney Stanhope texted the then 13 year old Savannah Moon mentioned above – directly and  asked her is she was dressed like a “hoochie”.

There is far more in the harassment petition –  including where Stanhope admits to other potential crimes and the details of the mediated settlement – details tomorrow.

Attached here is a .pdf of the court documents, it is a large file – We have an 18meg pdf that is even more detailed than the embedded link. Please leave a comment if you’d like a copy sent to you.

To Be Continued