Feb 282013

Update: Received this message from a candidate who will remain un-named:


Early in the Campaign I wrote Rodney a check for his bill. He freaked out when it was to him personally. He needed the money desperately but gave it back to me and said change it to Space Promotions, his wife’s company. He told me at the time it was because of unpaid child support.

Why have they not pulled his Driver’s license?

We’ve documented here with court documents, eyewitness testimony and personal experience that Rodney Stanhope should have no place in leadership of anything.

If  his threats against several women weren’t bad enough including the actual attempt to blackmail one in to not suing him, we’ve also uncovered evidence that Mr. Stanhope did not pay his child support to wife #2.

$3825 worth.

Mr. Stanhope ended up in court for a contempt hearing over 11 months of back child support.

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In a different court filing – he bounced a check to the court. This meshes well with the other reports of getting sued for bounced checks and his apparently having still unsatisfied tax liens.

If you read the divorce documents between Rodney and his 2nd Ex-Wife – you will realize that there are several instances of court-ordered drug tests. 2 hair tests and one urine test. There is also a notation that Mr. Stanhope was ordered to take a drug test immediately following the particular hearing.

As part of the divorce – Stanhope was ordered to pay $350 a month in child support. He paid $25 according to the documents in an 11-month period.

The $4000 borrowed from apparent blackmail victim Regina Karsh to pay child support was referenced on March of 2006. The above-referenced court document shows a contempt hearing in July of 2007.

It seems that there may have been more than one instance of Rodney failing to pay child support. He also appears to have been ordered to pay $300 a month to his first wife as well (I broke the link to those court docs as they were un-redacted). Any reasonable person would easily conclude that wife #1 hasn’t gotten much and may well have just moved on.

We’ve established that Rodney appears to have used bully tactics to take money from women and then not repay it. He’s been liened several times by government agencies and here is evidence of getting hammered for back child support – which there is no clear evidence has been paid, caught up or anything.

Many of the Jobs we have known Rodney to have in recent years are “cash jobs” making wage garnishment impossible.

The GOP is 800,000 in debt. Why would anyone in their right mind elect someone like this to help balance the books?

The GOP has been getting hammered by the dems for an imaginary “War on Women”. Could you imagine what kind of ammo having this guy as Vice-Chairman of the California Republican Party would give them?

To be continued with the finale…

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