Feb 122013

It looks like Rodney Stanhope is on tilt. He has engaged some Tea Party members in anonymous and not anonymous email attacks against Harmeet Dhillon.

A lot of stuff has been forwarded about Rodney Stanhope – sued for paternity twice, complaints for harassment, a child support hearing and a bad check complaint.

It seems those supporting Rodney are tone-deaf to what the media would do if they found out about Mr. Stanhope’s history – including getting canned from multiple campaigns.

But – let’s stop it all, Maybe Mr. Stanhope can come clean about everything. Apparently, Rodney has explanations for everything that is known thus far… let’s hear them and post them here.

Then – next we are particularly interested in Mr. Stanhope’s position on Women’s issues, including Violence Against Women, Single-Mother Households and what he could do for the California Republican Party to reach out to female voters.

This election is about the future of the California Republican Party and we are listening to Mr. Stanhope – come clean, right here and let the voters know what all this stuff from your past means and how you can help the California Republican Party going forward.

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  2 Responses to “CRP Vice Chair Race – Invitation to Rodney Stanhope, Clear the Air”

  1. Let’s not forget the great assault of 2007…pleaded no contest. Anyone can check saccourt.ca.gov and see that. Reporters can and will go to the courthouse to pull the records for their exposes. (spoiler: he assaulted a cop, an EMT and his spouse)

  2. Harmeet Dhillon is the [conservative] choice for CRP Vice Chair. She is supported by Ann Coulter and use to work for the Heritage Foundation. They are trying to attack her because she defended some Sikhs for the ALCU after 9/11. The Sikhs (her religion) were being targeted and she offerd her legal support. GO Harmeet!!!

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