Dec 012012

The occasion was the South Placer Republican Women’s Federated Meeting.

Gentleman Jim was invited to speak by Cindy Rowen the President of the SPRWF. (My wife is the Recording Secretary)

Jim Nielsen gave a rah-rah talk, with some details about some of the machinations about what is happening in the capitol. He talked about water issues and the renewed assault on Prop 13.

He also gave a call for statesmanship and the call to action for everyone to re-engage and help advance the ball. Nielsen recounted the time when he was elected there were 12 Republicans in the Senate and he and someone else defeated Dems and became #13 and #14… getting the GOP back over the 1/3 line.

Nielsen also brought up that we did not lose because of our values and spoke about the platform.

I thought it was amazing to see the dichotomy between Jim Nielsen the speaker and his real record of moving acceptance for the Charles Munger Platform, having his delegates lined up to vote for it and the myriad record he has accumulated over the years.

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There is indeed the chance that the Jim Nielsen that negotiated $250 million for dam removal in the “water bond” and who voted for attacks on Prop 13 in the 1980’s has really seen the light.

The problem is, does it matter?

I wanted to believe in the Jim Nielsen that I saw speak. I will give him credit for being much nicer and much more polite to me when I shook his had and congratulated him on his win than Doug LaMalfa who refused to shake hands.

There is a reason why I call him Gentleman Jim. It remains to be seen what he does as a Senator.

… and don’t forget, vote for him when you get your ballot for the Jan 8th Special. He will be GOP Senator #11. (out of 40)

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  2 Responses to “I Saw Jim Nielsen Speak Today…”

  1. Aaron…from experance…Don’t believe a single word ‘Gerber Jim’ says. He would try to sell and ice chest to an Eskimo…You know his record…and he is in league with some of the worst scalawags in the party. Don’t be fooled!

  2. Appears someone’s been drinking the koolaid again!

    Blogger’s Note: LOL!

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