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Yes, the California Republican Party (CRP) is an invalid cancer patient. Everyone has theories. So, let’s start with the theories and the groups promoting them in ():

#1 Conservatives and their Pro-Life stances are the problem. (Moderates)

#2 Moderates and their meely-mouth consensus building squish-outs are the problem. (Conservatives)

#3 Statist Republicans should legalize drugs and allow chaos at the RNC Convention to attract young people. (Ron Paul)

#4 We should open the borders and that will get Hispanic votes. (Clueless idiots that don’t understand Hispanics)

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I have set out to prove what I have learned in 15 years of political involvement. The problem with the GOP is not much different than basic human nature. Most politicians couldn’t care less about the facts and only care about what gets them re-elected. Period.

Why else would millions get spent on RvsR races versus where it needed to go?

The Consultant and Donor class have a completely different calculation – they want to support winners. There is no consideration whatsoever for the health of the GOP. Since these people control large parts of the GOP – it explains a lot of the decisions.

Charles Munger is just the latest symptom of the disease – except that he is extremely malignant and addictive. The crack addicts that want his money check all conventions of ideology and common team sense at the door and cash the checks.

The only thing missing is sex. (with all due respect to former legislators Mike “Spanky” Duvall and Roy Ashburn.)

We have a CRP Convention coming up. This is where the legislators, donors, consultants and the people that matter will clash.

For years the legislators and consultants have viewed the voters (aka activists, party volunteers, etc) with disdain. Witness the way many Tea Parties have been infiltrated by political operatives – or how the CRA had to fight WWIII to extricate Dave Gilliard et. al. from it.

And, here is the crossroads. The CRP had become dependent on big donors and consultants in the last ten years. This led to a decimation of the base of volunteer support who were disgusted with Arnold, Meg Whitman, John McCain (fill in the candidate with weak, unclear values here) and the like.

Now, we are being told that the solution is Tony Strickland, Jim Brulte, Guy Houston, Abram Wilson or someone like any one of them for CRP Chairman.

I have spoken to Jim Brulte a few times and I know he has some friends I respect that are supporting him.

But – allow me to say that we should not treat the cancer patient with botulism.

The attitude of the legislative / consultant class is toxic. Trying to revive a dead patient with poison is absurd.

Jim Brulte has an extremely difficult case to make. He has to convince activists who are used to getting lied to and tossed aside by an arrogant ruling class that they are going to be treated differently and regarded differently under his chairmanship.

Then, Brulte has to convince donors that the activists with pitchforks aren’t going to screw their interests because they care about ideological issues. After all that, he has to get people like Charles Munger who have made it clear they think there is no place in the GOP for 2/3 of its’ members to write checks.

Finally Brulte has to convince the consultant class that they aren’t going to lose their paychecks that they get from the CRP if the activists are re-empowered.

Jim Brulte could walk across Lake Tahoe on his way to Sacramento and I don’t think he could pull that one off.

For Steve Baric, the job is far simpler – hatch a plan, sell the plan and execute the plan.

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  One Response to “CRP Update: Don’t treat a cancer patient with botulism”

  1. Aaron,

    You have a knack for putting it bluntly, and our party has a difficult path no matter who we elect for state chair.

    Having served as a county chair for 5 years, I’ve come to learn that as a conservative I can’t run all the moderates out if I want to have anyone left in the room to help me. That said, most of the activists are conservative while the bigger donors seem to have the money. As Republicans are a dying breed we may not have the luxury anymore of being able to kill each other off. We have to find some common ground and win some elections.

    Brulte has always seemed able to whip people into shape, for better or worse. I may not agree with the decisions, but we may need someone at the helm who will actually make some decisions.

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