Nov 272012

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This is another one of those names that I kept seeing running expenditures in target races and also was seeing their money pop in to other PAC’s.

Reform California Now IE Committee is also known as California Now Independent Expenditure Committee.

The list of suspects includes some names that you’d expect – and a lot more:

California Dental Association – $100k

Anthem Blue Cross – $100k

Conservative Shirts 2 970×350

California Alliance for Progress in Education

JobsPAC – $255k

California Association of Realtors PAC – $675K

Phillip Morris $396,702.00

The Irvine Company

Enterprise H0ldings (monterey)

Chevron $1,750,000

Sempra Energy 125K

Alex Spanos

California BIA $75K

Farmer’s Insurance $125K

Charles Munger $250K

Personal Insurance Federation $150K

Anheiser Busch

Associated General Contractors $50K

New Majority PAC $115K

Small Business Action Committee $34K

California Apartment Association $90K

California Farm Bureau $60K

California Charter Schools Association $75K


Most of the money from this PAC was sent to other PAC’s – including the California Senior Advocates league PAC, a primary vehicle used to attack conservative Republicans in races.

However, a bunch of Money was sent to Citizens Against Wasteful Spending PAC, a vehicle used to fund attacks against Fran Pavley and to Support Todd Zink in a target State Senate Race.

Another wad was sent to the Inland Empire Taxpayer’s Association for the ill-fated Jeff Miller for State Senate Campaign.

And, yet more money was sent to Citizens for California Reform, a PAC used to attack Kathleen Galgiani and support Bill Berryhill for State Senate.

It is easy to conclude that the Reform California Now IE Committee was used to fund the various efforts on behalf of Republican State Senate Candidates plus was also used to attack conservatives in some R vs R Assembly races.

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