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Charles Munger appeared to be obsessed with Northern California Races and also appeared to target a certain kind of Republican.

First off – he dropped $250K in to Jim Nielsen SD-04 as I detailed previously. Nielsen’s opponent was to have been Dan Logue – the author of Prop 23 that would have repealed AB32. The party line once Dan Logue dropped out was to prevent the cost of a runoff election. EPIC FAIL. There will be a runoff as Nielsen missed the required 50%.

He Dropped a total of $316,297.74 in to Beth Gaines AD-06 (at the direction of Connie Conway) – Gaines opponent, Andy Pugno wrote Prop 8. (More on this later)

Charles Munger designated Gregg Imus for destruction in CA-08 with $717K. Imus helped found the minutemen. That race was won by liberal Republican Paul Cook.

Munger spent $175K against Brian Dahle – Brian Dahle is a Conservative Christian.

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Munger spent $564,732.47 on Rocky Chavez in an R vs R race in San Diego while so many other districts fell to dems. Chavez’ opponent, Sherry Hodges is also a Christian whose donor list looked like a lot of Pro-Family Conservatives.

Munger indirectly participated in the AD-05 Race, which will be the subject of its’ own post.

Munger spent $65,447.26 on William Batey in AD-61 – Batey got crushed.

Munger spent $1.2 Million on Far-Left Republican Abel Maldonado. Maldonado got smoked by 9.5%.

Add in the $700,000 Munger spent attacking hard-core Conservative Alan Mansoor in Southern California in the Primary and there is a disturbing pattern.

Charles Munger ignored AD32, AD41, AD65, AD66 – two of those were Republican Districts that needed to be held that were lost. Charles Munger also ignored AD36 and AD 40 – two Republican districts that were nearly lost because Munger and the Republican leadership cared more about the Republican vs Republican races in AD01, AD05, AD06 and AD76.

Charles Munger ignored Kim Vann, Dan Lungren, Ricky Gill, Brian Bilbray, Mary Bono-Mack and Tony Strickland. Three were incumbents and three were designated target Congressional races that the GOP needed. Instead, Munger chose to spend $717K attacking one of the founders of the minutemen, Gregg Imus.

At the same time, Munger kept pouring money into Abel Maldonado while Bilbray, Bono-Mack and Lungren all lost by narrow margins. Maldonado lost by 9.5%!

My latest investigation uncovered additional money from Munger that was chipped in to the above races plus the $400,000 in additional money chipped in to the California Senior Advocates League PAC. Again, that PAC was used to attack Sherry Hodges, Andy Pugno and Rico Oller. (And the Placer GOP Central Committee that Tea party Recruits of Liberal Republicans are bragging about) Munger also dropped $250,000 into the Reform California Now IE Committee.

The more disturbing Pattern is that Charles Munger appears to hate conservative leaders. His victims include a founder of the minutemen, the author of Prop 8 and several known Conservative Christians – that isn’t an accident.

It appears that Charles Munger is indeed obsessed with re-making the GOP in to his own image, and recent comments he has made in the media make it appear that he is happy to see the GOP in a super-minority in California.

Munger had harsher words for the leadership of the Republican Party, whom he termed at times banal and thuggish. He argued that party leaders have waged a “civil war” against Republican legislators and donors, which has led to the “utter and total collapse” of the state Republican Party.

This comment is absurd, or is indeed indicative of Charles Munger’s mental illness. One man’s issues are quite a different matter than taking and throwing every other conservative leader in to the same mistake.

Charles Munger did the very thing he is pointing the finger at others for. (aka inciting a “civil war”) Don’t kid yourself – after spending millions hunting conservatives – he is pointing the finger at conservative leaders for the problems he helped create with his money and all of the initiatives he supported. (and, don’t forget what he did in Placer County.)

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  1. I also believe C. M. is doing a grass-roots operation in Ca. by buying his way into Central Committees in each county to place his followers into leadership.
    It has recently occured in Marin County and San Francisco.
    Can we talk?

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