Nov 292012

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People hate Rico Oller. I get it. However, what a waste – especially in light of the disasters in AD-32 and AD-65. and the near disasters in AD-36 and AD-40.

In SD-04 – I got multiple pieces of mail from the CAGOP. Their goal was to get Liberal Republican Jim Nielsen to 50%+1 to avoid a runoff. Nielsen also got $294K from Charles Munger for his campaign. Do not forget Jim Nielsen’s role in the attempted destruction of the CAGOP Platform. What happened is that 44K got transferred from the Doug LaMalfa-associated PAC that Munger helped fund (with the California Association of Realtors) late in the cycle from the AD-01 campaign once it became obvious Rick Bosetti was losing badly.

In AD-05 let’s take a look at all the money spent on stopping enemy of the people Rico Oller:

$61,104.56 in attacks by the Mother Lode Taxpayers Association. (This was formed and/or controlled by Assembly-member Kristen Olsen staffers)

$154,712.96 in support for Frank Bigelow by the California Realtors Association

Conservative Mugs 970×250

$368,222.48 in attacks by the California Senior Advocates League PAC

$75,160.75 in support for Frank Bigelow by the California Senior Advocates League PAC

$105,096.22 in support for Frank Bigelow by Californians for Fiscal Accountability PAC – this is the same PAC, funded by SEIU/AFSCME / Public Employees / Dentists /Realtors that attacked Craig Huey in AD-66 with $508,271.99…

$16,733.91 in support for Frank Bigelow by the Golden State leadership fund – this was funded by PG&E / dentists / San Maunel Indians / Far-left Groups

Grand Total – $626,317.92 in to stopping Rico Oller in addition to the money raised by Bigelow himself.

In AD-01 – $515,000 total spent attempting to stop Brian Dahle.

Donors: Charles Munger $175K (VIA spirit of democracy)

California Association of Realtors: $310K

PG&E $5,000

Dentists: $25,000

As I noted earlier – I saw that $44k was transferred late to the Jim Nielsen IE PAC (funded by Charles Munger)

Total Wasted: $1,391,317.90 on these races alone.

By the way – that runoff they were trying to avoid in SD-04? Nope, Nielsen didn’t get to 50%+1. So, even the cover excuse didn’t pan out.

And, the Coup d’etat? Beth Gaines…. up next.

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