Happy FBI Day! The 2-Year Anniversary is Today!

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Oct 272012

Today is the second anniversary of “FBI DAY”. This is the day in Placer County Republican History when Karen Stafford England (no relation to David Stafford Reade) alleged that the FBI visited her home to talk about, of all things, the finances of the Placer GOP.

This was parlayed in to a front-page attack in the Sacramento Bee quoting Doug LaMalfa accusing George Park and Tom Hudson of felonies.

Also note that someone (who I believe is a member of the Cent Com) filed a simultaneous FPPC complaint against the Placer GOP Cent Com.

On the two year anniversary of FBI day – take note of the following:

1. Several members of the Lincoln Tea Party were recruited to run for Placer GOP Cent Com by an insane operator in Sac County who still believes there is something to the charges.

2. Doug LaMalfa, Ted Gaines and Beth Gaines – who were all involved in the media drill have not apologized nor attempted to make amends for their role in the front-page article in the Sacramento Bee on 7-11-2011. It is the opinion of this blogger that they think the Placer GOP did the wrong thing by not endorsing them in 2012!

(please note that the Sacramento Bee pulled the article down – but they forgot to pull it down from the Modesto Bee. More on that later)

3. The above three are expected to align themselves with Pro-Choice, No on Prop-8 Liberal Republicans who have used the vacuous attacks in an attempt to gain control of the Central Committee at its’ January organizational meeting. Please note that all three claim to be pro-life and pro-prop-8.

4. The primary accuser, Karen Stafford England (no relation to David Stafford Reade) has disappeared from the local political scene after getting hammered repeatedly for starting World War III in Placer County – even though we are still dealing with the after effects.

5. Liberal Billionaire Charles Munger funded $45k worth of advertisements in addition to $11k from the liberal Republican group, Republican Congress of Placer County in an attempt to help the effort of the above three with their efforts.

Mike Holmes, Cheryl Bly-Chester and Dianne Foster have all been reported to this blogger to have repeatedly in public accused the Placer GOP of corruption based largely on the Bee article, the anonymous FPPC Complaint and the accusation of an FBI investigation. Some of my reports are eyewitness.

All three are regarded as Liberal Republicans.

Please note that Karen England is now officially being labeled as a liar. Two years have passed and the FBI has not called anyone nor shown up at anyone’s door. But, it still didn’t stop a State Senator, the Mayor of Auburn and a few other disgruntled liberals from repeating said lie to any group that will listen.

Maybe they will all put a sock in it by the third anniversary? I am not holding my breath.

AD-09 Update: Richard Pan Enjoys the Perks of Office

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Oct 262012

California is $60 Billion in the hole if you listed to Controller Chiang.

Richard Pan is getting his part of it for sure. He got the taxpayers to pay for his “move” from Natomas to Pocket as he had to move in order to run for the new AD-09.

The Sacramento Bee highlighted how Richard Pan is going to take per-diem after all. And the money quote is here:

Asked about his decision to accept per diem, Pan said, “I think the rationale is that I have to maintain two places of residence. I know that we’re all trying to work things out.”

Pan said that he now lives in the Pocket area but continues to make mortgage payments for his North Natomas house.

“The current financial situation, unfortunately, makes it difficult to sell the other place,” he said. “As you know, housing prices are still falling even now in Sacramento.”

Run for office, get the taxpayers to make your second house payment!

Most of the legislators that live close enough to the capitol to walk to it don’t take per-diem!

Where are the Jobs, Richard? Oh, wait – there are more bills to write…


AD-09 Update: Richard Pan Serving His Constituency of the few

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Oct 252012

Everyone knows Richard Pan is a Doctor.

The Doctors have several lobbies and most of their money goes to Democrats. They generally lobby for a larger share of the socialized medicine pie.

Richard Pan has been their champion…

While the state budget is a train-wreck and unemployment is continuing to get worse, Pan is slopping at the government trough for his fellow doctors.

AAP-CA cosponsors AB 301 authored by Assembly Member Richard Pan, MD, FAAP, to support the California Children’s Services (CCS) program Assembly Member Richard Pan, MD, FAAP, newly-elected pediatrician legislator, yesterday introduced his first bill, AB 301. AAP-CA joins with the Children’s Specialty Care Coalition in sponsoring this important legislation. AB 301 would permit CCS services to be paid fee-for-service until 2018, rather than being incorporated into Medi-Cal managed care beginning next year, with uncertain reimbursement under capitation. AB 301 will thus help to preserve a system of care that protects roughly 185,000 California children with serious and chronic health conditions such as congenital heart disease, spina bifida, cancer, cleft palate, premature birth, and other life-threatening conditions. Passage of AB 301 is a necessary step in our larger effort to address the persistent under-reimbursement of those who provide services to California’s children with special health care needs, and the related restriction in access. As AB 301 moves through the process, we will keep you updated on opportunities for action.

Richard Pan carried legislation to make sure that several welfare programs were spared cuts while he supported AB109 – the dangerous “realignment” bill that transferred thousands of hardened criminals to county facilities and will ultimately allow thousands to go free.

It’s called priorities. Richard Pan’s are clear – release criminals, add to the budget deficit and certainly forget about all those jobs he promised to create.

AD-09 Update: Richard Pan, Elected to Serve One Constituency, Vested in his Office

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Oct 242012

I sometimes see what is happening in politics and scratch my head.

Richard Pan is the Manchurian Assemblyman – barely able to finish a sentence in public, in fact sheltered in his campaign against Andy Pugno in 2010 and propelled in to office by $5 million. It has been well established that you don’t have to be able to put a sentence together to serve in the Assembly.

Richard Pan has a history of living off of government – being a part of the first five commission, a $700 million a year grab bag of pork and tax money. The first five tax was funded by taxing tobacco (aka the poor) to fund government-run daycare etc.

Richard Pan is a pediatrician and has established himself in the legislature as a friend of that industry – not in regards to dealing with lawsuits – but rather carrying bills to benefit himself and that small constituency.

Richard Pan ran his entire campaign against Andy Pugno on the Abortion Issue – Richard Pan the Assemblymember has done absolutely nothing to create jobs or deal with the train-wreck budgets that we have in California. Rather – he has been a loyal servant of leadership (when he is not writing bills to benefit himself).

Pan like any self-respecting extremist is a denizen of nanny government and has a track record of sponsoring legislation that imposes government in people’s lives. This is the sort of orwellian stuff you would expect from a liberal doctor whose entire campaign was based on Abortion.

Richard Pan also appears to enjoy the perks of office – making him no different than anyone else that gets criticized for being a fat cat politician.

Antonio “Tony” Amador is the solution to Richard Pan. Pan has gotten way too comfortable way too soon in office and we will be explaining why.

Oct 182012

There is a reason why I have been hammering the Lincoln Tea Party. They are one of the last remaining hold-out groups that had been co-opted by Team LaMalfa.

The Nevada County Tea Party has awakened. The Auburn Tea Party has awakened. Both had been engaged in a dispute with Ken Campbell who left active Placer GOP politics for National Tea Party Politics.

Ken Campbell, however is still a part of the Lincoln Tea Party Group. Campbell and the four others are reputed to be supporting the slate of liberal anti Pro-8, Pro-Choice Republicans that are angling to take over the Placer GOP.

This effort is the latest in a long string of Team LaMalfa’s efforts to exact revenge on people that supported Rick Keene.

They engaged in similar efforts in the Redding Area. Erin Ryan is a “Tea Party Leader” in Redding – she is also on the payroll of Doug LaMalfa. Erin Ryan has manipulated / “led” the Redding Tea Party for a number of years.

With the recent revelations about the blatant hypocracy of Doug LaMalfa – there is a full-scale revolt against Doug LaMalfa.

Attached is a flyer from a Tea Party Member. It is pretty brutal.

It features a real-estate for sale sign on the top of it.

It is a slam on Doug LaMalfa and all of his political allies. But the really important part is that  the paper empire of Tea Parties that Team LaMalfa co-opted is falling apart further. There is also a Doug LaMalfa scandal site linked by this blog that was made by a Tea Party member up there as well.

… we have not heard the last of this.