Sep 262012

There is a reason why David Stafford Reade was tossed from the CRA for 10 years and fired by Doug LaMalfa and why Mark Webmaster Spannagel was tossed for 5 years – Fraud and specifically for rigging CRA endorsements.

Now that I have seen that David Stafford Gilliard is in a reactionary mode with his campaign releases – allow me to point out one critical fact about today’s release.

Neither Colusa nor Siskiyou’s Central Committee noticed Dan Logue about a pending endorsement – this violates the CRP’s by-laws.

What’s worse – is that Colusa appears to have never held an actual meeting of their entire committee to vote in person per state CRP By-Laws on their endorsement.

This means that Team LaMalfa/Nielsen are engaged in business as usual – contrived endorsements and controlling circumstances versus the Placer GOP for example where the result was not known beforehand.

Announcing dubious Cent Com Endorsements may give proven liar David Stafford Gilliard some good copy for his mailers – but is indicative of Jim Nielsen’s failure to connect with real grassroots.

Conservative Mugs 970×250

Next – I am expecting paper GOP clubs under the control of the above mentioned to start announcing their endorsements of Jim Nielsen – meanwhile the CRA, composed of 6 Real Units with jurisdiction in the district endorsed Dan Logue Unanimously.

These are desperate times for Gentleman Jim.

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