Rick Bosetti Disavows “No New Tax Pledge”?

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Sep 252012

I think the No New Taxes Pledge is unnecessary. When Les Baugh was running for State Senate – we agreed almost simultaneously in a conversation it was unnecessary.

However, when you decide to accept such a pledge (aka signing the damn thing) – then you reneg because you think Democrats will suddenly vote for you in a Prop 14 runoff – then you’re Jim Nielsen er. Rick Bosetti.

Rick Bosetti is being supported by the Jim Nielsen / Doug LaMalfa team and now we know why:

Breaking News:  Rick Bosetti Abandons No Tax Pledge.

In Candidate Forum, Bosetti Runs to The Left; Announces Support For Higher Taxes & Government Taking of Private Property

(Redding, CA) – After coming in a distant second in the recent June Primary, Rick Bosetti is apparently abandoning his “no-new-tax” pledge and instead seeking new votes among the left-leaning higher tax, bigger government crowd.

That explains the flip flops that were on full display at last night’s candidate forum in Redding CA, where Bosetti announced his support for the newly enacted timber tax – even though he had campaigned in the primary on a no-new-tax platform.  Bosetti also gave a vigorous defense of government taking of private property through eminent domain, again a full reversal from his stance in the primary.

“Rick Bosetti put in an amazing gymnastics show last night, flip flopping all over the stage,” said Dahle spokesman Tim Clark.  “A lesser candidate would have given himself whiplash from changing positions so quickly and completely.”

Bosetti began the evening complaining bitterly that his opponent would use the forum to highlight Bosetti’s bankruptcy and associated tax liens.  Then Bosetti announced his timber tax support and launched a defense of his multiple eminent domain votes which took private property away from land owners and handed it over to developers.

Bosetti also struggled to explain why he voted to block the local TEA Party from handing out copies of the U.S. Constitution at the Redding Library. The North State TEA Party Alliance has filed a lawsuit against the City for breach of First Amendment Rights, and the case is currently in the courts.

Front-runner Brian Dahle used his time to highlight his own successful history as a farmer, business owner and rural county leader who has fought for private property rights, more water storage, and reduced regulations and taxes on businesses and families.

Jim Nielsen Expose’ Part 2 – Ethics Issues in 1990 and 2012…

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Sep 242012

Jim Nielsen’s Wikipedia Page used to reference that he lost re-election to Mike Thompson for State Senate in 1990 due to a scandal surrounding payments to his then wife out of his campaign account.

About a year ago, one of Nielsen’s staffers went in to Wikipedia and changed the page to read that Nielsen lost due to the changing demographics of the district.

However, your intrepid blogger has located the goods on Mr. Nielsen’s past conduct courtesy of two Sacramento Bee articles written by Dan Walters.

It was common practice in the 1980’s for candidates to use campaign funds to pay for personal expenses. In 1986, the Bee started hammering on the issue.

They ripped then Senate Dem leader Barry Keene – but also made mention that Jim Nielsen paid his then wife $75,000 for “Consulting Expenses”.

In addition, once called on those payments, Jim Nielsen was forced to amend his reports – where he admitted that he was receiving personal income from his campaign coffers. This was always considered unethical – but now is a clear violation of state law.

In 1990 – the Bee hit the issue again. This time, Jim Nielsen was in the fight for his political life. Mike Thompson was hammering Nielsen for ethics violations and the like and this issue of paying his wife was at the forefront.

Republican Sen Jim Nielsen paid his second wife out of campaign funds, ostensibly for organizational work, almost precisely the same abont he was paying his first wife for spousal support. Wife No. 2 is now history (Nielsen married wife No. 3 last year) and presumably her services are no longer needed in the political realm either.”

So, here you go – the Bee makes the connection that Jim Nielsen’s campaign account was basically a slush fund that Nielsen paid spousal support out of amongst other things.

Jim Nielsen was narrowly defeated by Mike Thompson in 1990. Thompson later went to Congress and has distinguished himself is a hero of the far-left. (He went to Baghdad in the run up to Gulf War 2 for example) Mike Thompson’s political career basically was launched by Jim Nielsen.

P.S. Please note that Jim Nielsen is currently under legitimate FPPC investigation for Campaign Finance Violations and prevailing wisdom is that he will indeed get fined for circumventing campaign finance laws as he was attempting to finance Bob Williams against Dan Logue for Ad-03.

It is alleged that Nielsen contributed $32,000 to the Tehama County Republican Central Committee which was then passed on to assembly candidate Bob Williams. Nielsen, who supported Williams in the primary, had already contributed $3,900, the maximum allowed by campaign finance rules

Here is my previous post citing the Redding Record-Searchlight story on the Nielsen FPPC Investigation.

At question, though, are the three contributions Nielsen made in the past two weeks to the central committee: $5,000 on May 21, $15,000, May 25 and $12,000, June 1.

The central committee around the same time gave Williams $12,761.77 on May 25 and $15,165 on June 3 and 5. There also was a non-monetary contribution of $3,000 on April 3 but not filed until May 31. They totaled $30,926.77.

The central committee has since amended its finance report.

It reported the $3,000 contribution, as well as one for $27,926.77, in support of Williams were nonmonetary.

22 Years later, Jim Nielsen is still doing the same stuff.


Sep 232012

Jim Nielsen is beating a drum – if you hammer him for his record, you’re a liar. Click here to see our post from last year lambasting Jim Nielsen for his role in decimating the CAGOP Platform.

Unfortunately, for gentleman Jim, he has been in office too long to get away with anything. Actually, he has been on both sides of so many issues he is using that to double-speak any of his critics. Case and point – Periphrial Canal – He opposed Jerry Brown’s Canal, but supported George Deukmejian’s. He voted to put Prop 14 on the ballot, but then opposed Prop 14 once on the ballot. He called members of the legislature to go up on Prop 1A – the largest tax increase in state history, then voted against it on the floor of the Assembly.

Nielsen was also on both sides of the California Republican Party Platform debate. But, what he did as a member of the drafting committee was so egregious that he will not recover politically from the exposure.

In the drafting Committee – the minutes show that Jim Nielsen was out in front, leading the charge for the Platform for California’s Future. This platform had the pro-life, prop-8, 2nd amendment, and a whole bunch of other Republican issues stripped out of it.

It was so watered down that it even had the ethics section deleted! Click here for a full analysis between the previous CRP platform and the one that Jim Nielsen advocated for.

Click here to see the minutes from the Platform Drafting Committee MeetingNielsen was the first to speak towards its’ adoption and he made the motion to adopt said platform (Called the Platform for California’s Future). Conservative leaders Mike Spence and Craig DeLuz led the opposition.

Note as well that there were amendments proposed to bring parts of the “Pruner Platform” in to the Jim Nielsen Platform. They were all torpedoed.

The amendment to add paragraphs 3-8 of page 8 was adding Pro-Life language to the Nielsen platform. It was voted down. The amdnement to add paragraph 2 of page 5 was adding Prop-8 to the Nielsen platform. It was voted down.

I was called the day of the Drafting committee meeting by Steve Frank and I also spoke to Craig DeLuz. They both told me that Jim Nielsen was leading the debate for the watered-down platform the entire meeting. Mike Spence later confirmed the same story and he added that David Stafford Reade (who was expelled from CRA for 10 years for committing fraud) was there with Jim Nielsen.

You see, when legislative staff come forward to tell me that Jim Nielsen is making calls to try and recruit people to support the largest tax increase in state history – it gets my attention. When these same staffers tell me that Nielsen played let’s-make-a-deal on tossing three dams in Siskiyou County as part of Arnold’s water bond (which could go on the ballot at any time, still)… it gets my attention. Then when something like the Platform fight features Jim Nielsen it all makes sense.

There are times when Jim Nielsen’s own tendencies put him in a place where calling his critics liars just simply can not obfuscate the truth.

Jim Nielsen calls himself a Conservative because he is not. He attempted to destroy the CAGOP Platform – largely due to this blog criticizing him  – Jim Nielsen reversed himself and actually voted against the Platform he had moved to adopt and voted for the “Pruner Platform” in the entire Platform Committee.

Add this to the list of Jim Nielsen’s flip-flops – but this one is clearly an effort to save face after getting exposed.

P.S. – remember that $133k that Charles Munger invested in Nielsen? Charles Munger spent a reputed $250k on the effort to gut the CRP Platform. David Stafford Reade was paid to run the proxy drill in the north state for Munger. The $133k from Munger certainly looks like Jim Nielsen’s reward for services rendered. If Nielsen really supported a Conservative CAGOP Platform would Charles Munger have dropped $133k in to him?

Sep 222012

Please note that Jim Nielsen’s scheduler had indicated that Nielsen had this on his schedule – inexplicably Jim Nielsen did not attend.

Want to know one of the reasons why David Stafford Reade, Karen England, Jim Nielsen, Dave Gilliard et. al. have persisted in their attempts to destroy me and their attempts to meet out revenge? (The current rendition is their run at the Placer GOP Cent Com)

We cleaned out all the fake CRA Units. Jim Nielsen had been endorsed by the CRA twice for his Assembly Runs. Not any more.

Jim Nielsen was held accountable for his record, as such, he did not receive a single vote from the CRA.

Dan Logue, the author of Prop 23 that would have repealed AB32 got 100% of the votes.

Four CRA Units Met – Yuba, Nevada, Butte and Placer. (Ironically, each of those GOP Cent Coms have endorsed Dan Logue as well…)

Jim Nielsen Loses Glenn GOP Endorsement

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Sep 212012

There is a by-product of the slow awakening that the North State has had to Conservative Fraud Doug LaMalfa.

Groups of people once beholden to Doug LaMalfa aren’t anymore.

LaMalfa’s attempt to anoint Jim Nielsen is the latest in a string of things Doug LaMalfa has done that have caused the dress to come off the pig (so to speak).

While the ignorant focus on LaMalfa saving the taxpayers $2million on a special election – those same people have permanent memory loss over LaMalfa’s $5million in farm welfare checks.

They also seem to ignore Jim Nielsen’s record of playing lets’ make a deal with everything important in the State.

However, the group of siccophants is shrinking. Glenn County is the heart of LaMalfa country. All the “Cow Counties” on the Northern I-5 Corridor are where LaMalfa / Nielsen are the strongest. In fact, team LaMalfa cleaned out several of those Central Committees of dissenters.

However, Doug LaMalfa’s own glass jaw seems to have cost Jim Nielsen a Cent Com endorsement he should have gotten.

When Doug LaMalfa had a confrontation with an 85-year old woman because he did not like an editorial critical of his “resignation” posted on the window of the Glenn GOP HQ, (because they rightly saw it for what it was) Doug LaMalfa set in motion a chain of events in Glenn County where the activists there started to reconsider.

There are also the issues that Jim Nielsen campaigns on one side of – yet acts on the other side of:

It is common knowledge amongst insiders in the far north state that Jim Nielsen negotiated Dam removals in to the Arnold Water Bond. (A copy of said bond language is coming soon)

Jim Nielsen did indeed support the peripheral canal – George Deukmejian’s Version – but Nielsen fought against Jerry Brown’s Version.

Nielsen’s team are quick to call anyone a liar that makes the above assertions.

There are some counties that don’t care – Shasta, which is run by a small oligarchy that has been there since the beginning of time and Tehama – where Jim Nielsen’s alleged residence is.

It should tell the reader everything they need to know – the counties with true activists that are independent minded are endorsing Dan Logue.

Glenn is coming out from under the long influence of LaMalfa – they voted 10-6 in favor of Logue… 2 votes short of the 2/3. Nielsen should have had this one in the bag and he could not even get a simple majority.

Jim Nielsen continues to run from behind.