Sep 292012

Jim Nielsen has infested office for a total of 16 years.

The Red Bluff Daily News (Tehama County) ran a column today lighting Doug LaMalfa and Jim Nielsen up for “colluding” on Doug LaMalfa’s “resignation” and attempted coronation of Jim Nielsen.

“At least two things stand out. First, why are he and LaMalfa so closely tied together? It was clearly a coordinated effort when LaMalfa resigned from the State Senate and almost simultaneously Nielsen launched his campaign to replace him? A similar thing happened when LaMalfa left the Assembly and Nielsen announced his candidacy for that.”

The column goes on to rail on Jim Nielsen for deceptive ads (imagine that, another Dave Gilliard client with deceptive ads…)

“Well, look at his track record. If Nielsen wins, this will be the second time he will be in the State Senate; he served from 1978 to 1990 when he was defeated by a fresh face in the Democratic Party. Then he ran for the State Assembly when Assemblyman Doug LaMalfa finished his six years in the Assembly and ran for the State Senate. That pretty much fits the description of a career Sacramento politician.”

… and the column also revives the issue of how Jim Nielsen does not actually live in Gerber, the same issue that the Tehama DA (who is a rabid Nielsen supporter) will not investigate.

It is interesting, really – Doug LaMalfa made it through but now there is a full-scale revolt brewing all over the district. Getting force fed garbage is making the patient start to upchuck.

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