Aug 122012

… Jeff Miller could be heard roaming the halls of the Republican Party convention telling anyone who would listen that he was not trying to sabotage the California Republican Party.

From what I was told, few if any, were listening to his pleas.

Charles Munger, Luis Buhler and Jeff Miller were the talk of the CRP Convention and apparently, Buhler/Munger caused the cops to be called twice to the convention.

You, know – control.

The halls of the convention were filled with people who had been targeted by Charles Munger. Charles Munger apparently is a meglomaniac – because if I was trying to take something over, I wouldn’t be attacking 2/3 of the delegates.

As of Sat Afternoon when I left – there were only 370 paid physically present delegates in Burbank.

Dave Gilliard and Phil Paule also had a really bad time, too.

Since this hotel was basically the same place where the 24-man cabal rendered CRP endorsements in March – Phil Paule must have figured that he could get one now that the primary was over and he was a former staffer of Darrell Issa.

He was wrong.

The CRP Board for once grew a spine and sent Phil Paule packing.

Paule left the convention like the building was on fire, not even stopping for a cold one.

However, Phil can certainly find an understanding case of PBR (usually on sale for about $10) and split it with Dave Gilliard to drown his sorrows.

The above is why people like Dave Gilliard appear to be fine with the gambit by Charles Munger and the legislators to attempt to kill the CRP or take it over. It is about controlling the endorsements.

… and that gets me to Prop 40. At the behest of the legislators, they decided to reverse the past position on Prop 40 and support a Yes position, effectively killing the referendum that the CRP spent all that money on.

I guess several legislators have their districts and don’t want to upset the apple cart… and so it goes, control.


Why the CAGOP is “Dead” Part 3 – Control is an Illusion

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Aug 092012

Look at the credo of the Cal Trailblazers:

California Trailblazers are the next generation of Republican leaders in our state legislature. Individuals with fiscally conservative principles and ideas that will restore the California spirit, revive our economy, and lead to private sector job creation.

California Trailblazers is the only recruitment, training, and advisement program for California legislative candidates supported by Majority Whip Congressman Kevin McCarthy, Senate Republican Leader Bob Huff, and Assembly Republican Leader Connie Conway.

The next generation? – I remember that term, it was the 21st Century GOP Platform that had the Life issue, family issue, gun issue and even the section on ethics stripped out of it. Charles Munger is reputed to have spent some $400k all totaled trying to gut the California Republican Party Platform.

He lost.

Now his people are telling donors to stop giving to the CAGOP and to give to a competitor organization called Cal Trailblazers.


I’ve seen this crap before. Consultants like Dave Gilliard used to control parts of the CRA. While there are still some consultants left behind on the current leadership of the CRA – they (including myself) number 4 on the board as opposed to over half at one point being staffers or consultants.

In April of 2011 – there was a war for control of the CRA. Now, the pattern is duplicating itself.

Like with the CRA – political insiders are out there telling people not to donate to the CRA or the CRP.

Like with the CRA – a competitor organization was created called the CRC (aka CROC) to maintain the commercial endorsement enterprise. In the case of the CRP, it is called California Trailblazers.

As an aside: note that the California Trailblazer’s mission statement says “Fiscal Conservative” not Conservative – in describing the candidates they are seeking.

Then there is the second paragraph – the Control part of the Mission statement.

The “Republican Leadership” has decreed that only California Trailblazers will be the official recruitment tool for “Republican Candidates” for office!

What about the CRA, nope, don’t control it.

What about the CYRF, nope, don’t control it.

What about Women’s Fed? Nope, don’t control it.

It’s all about control, folks – and Charles Munger’s money is not far behind.

If, indeed the CRP is broke and I know that the legislative caucuses are broke, too. Third house sources tell me that the money is almost 100% controlled by “non-Republican” interests… this means that there has to have been some sort of deal.

If I’m wrong – then it is an even worse act of grotesque stupidity by the legislative leadership.

As I see it – the idea here was to run media drills, cut off the money, kill the party and leave it open for daddy moneybags to take over.

Screw the activist.

Why? In the Prop 14 world people are experiencing almost clinical symptoms over the amazing feelings of a loss of control.

World War Three was fought in the CRA over control of coveted CRA endorsements.

Now – a War is brewing, complete with the usual Consultant tactics for control of the California Republican Party.

Congratulations, idiots. With the numbers at 30% and falling – you’re going for 20. Hope its’ worth it.

Why the CAGOP is “Dead” Part 2- Charles Munger, Jeff Miller, Cal Trailblazers

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Aug 072012

Remember when the San Francisco Chronicle released an article alleging that the California Republican Party was deep in the hole?

We’ve seen media drills before in Placer County – David Stafford Gilliard ran one against the Placer GOP on behalf of clients that wanted to get even with us.

Now, a consultant Jeff Miller (who recently worked for Rick Perry) has been fingered as the man behind the curtain by several anonymous sources inside the California Republican Party. He ran a media drill against the entire California Republican Party.

Unlike Dave Gilliard who abandoned the California Republican Party once there was no money to be made on Prop 40 – Mr. Miller must see some profit in the operation he is running.

Jeff Miller is Charles Munger’s fundraiser.

Jeff Miller has been telling major donors to stop giving money to the California Republican Party. Rather, said donors have been asked to donate to the Cal Trailblazers.

The Cal Trailblazers is allegedly a group that recruits “Good Candidates” to run in marginal districts. In practice – they have been a squish machine for safe Republican Districts while supporting a few candidates in marginal districts that we (the GOP) have to keep to maintain 1/3 in the State Legislature.

Enter Charles Munger – $10,000 donated to Cal Trailblazers. Jeff Miller (reportedly) is on retainer with Munger and the ED of Cal Trailblazers is Jessica Patterson, long known by insiders to be on Charles Munger’s Payroll as well.

The Cal-Trailblazers spent most of its’ money paying Jessica Patterson and Aaron McClear – McClear was one of Arnold’s top guys in his administration.

When you take a first look – Cal Trailblazers does not appear to have a whole lot of money. Then pay attention to who they celebrate – Frank Bigelow, a contestant in a safe Republican seat. There is considerable debate as to whether Bigelow is a Liberal or a Moderate – but he did oppose Prop 26 (fees taking 2/3 to raise) and he did publicly support high-speed rail for example.

If you take a second look at the San Francisco Chronicle article – you will see Jeff Miller quoted in there basically advocating for people to donate money somewhere else other than the CA GOP.

If you take a third look at the California Trailblazers Website – look at who is on the homepage of it. The “Republican Leaders” that I lambasted in a previous post…

… and they send a letter asking for proxies to the upcoming California Republican Party convention?

So – with the amount of Republican territory shrinking, the latest Big Money guy, Charles Munger is buying his way in to everything.

The nexus here  resembles the fight over control of the California Republican Assembly, only on a larger scale.

Finally – if you have any doubts about the California Trailblazers take a look at their homepage closely (I added emphasis):

California Trailblazers are the next generation of Republican leaders in our state legislature. Individuals with fiscally conservative principles and ideas that will restore the California spirit, revive our economy, and lead to private sector job creation.

California Trailblazers is the only recruitment, training, and advisement program for California legislative candidates supported by Majority Whip Congressman Kevin McCarthy, Senate Republican Leader Bob Huff, and Assembly Republican Leader Connie Conway.

Let those two paragraphs sink in for a bit then we will continue this…

Aug 052012

It’s amazing, really. Sometimes good things happen to good people.

Many of you that regularly read this blog remember when I was thrown off of Red County for being paid by Steve Poizner. Many of you read when months later, I found out that Meg Whitman had bought the Red County Blog 4 days before I was tossed.

People that were recruited by Team LaMalfa (Karen England et. al.) used the fact that I got tossed from Red County repeatedly to get mainly Tea Partiers that had never met me to believe I was some sort of scumbag. Welcome to Politics.

Recently – the FPPC was considering regulating paid blogging. Similar to the Dave Gilliard led media drills against the Central Committee – some of Meg Whitman’s former team ran one against me. They attempted to re-write history claiming that I never had a job offer from Whitman… in a similar manner that the Red County founders were never honest about my disclosing to them my arrangement with Poizner.

The media drill ended with my quote, “… government telling anybody to do anything, but if these idiots would start being ethical about what they’re doing there would be no reason for government to be stepping in with more regulations.”


The Orange Juice Blog broke the story about the demise of Red County. (that I called Meg County to highlight its’ purchase)

I left the following comment:

I don’t believe in Karma.

I wrote previously that I had forgiven Chip Hanlon and Matthew Cunningham years ago for being double-dealing political whores. I continue to stay involved in politics because I meet people like Allen Bartlett and others along the way that remind me there are true people out there for the cause.

Hanlon reaped a whirlwind. I sincerely hope that Mr. Hanlon finds God, or at the very least his integrity as a result of his world collapsing. Everyone is redeemable – but I have a really hard time thinking that either Hanlon or Cunningham are.

I learned a lesson – Matthew Cunningham is a step worse than Hanlon. Cunningham has deluded himself in to believing that his political prostitution is the right thing to do and that every position he takes is the right one.

In retrospect, when Hanlon got bought off by Whitman and threw me out of the blog – it was because his house of cards was collapsing and he needed some cash desperately.

Cunningham has no such defense for his behavior at all.

In the end, Matthew Cunningham got off way easier than Chip Hanlon. Hanlon will likely end up in Prison or so financially devastated that he will be on welfare.

Meanwhile, Matthew Cunningham continues to leech $200 an hour off of the first five bull—- that he opposed when it was on the ballot, and the list goes on and on and on.

I learned another lesson – simply telling a couple people when I have a conflict of interest is not enough. I told Hanlon and he misused the information – and for 2 1/2 years since, political opponents throw it in my face, occasionally, I get calls from the media about related issues.

I learned to jealously guard my integrity, because at the end of the day no one can take that away from me unless I let them…

… and this is where Karma comes in. Matthew Cunningham and Chip Hanlon attempted to destroy me and now look where they are. Both exposed, Hanlon destroyed.

… that’s sad

Will team LaMalfa / Gilliard ever set the record straight over the smears? Of course not.

Letter From GOP Leadership – A Thesis For Why the CAGOP is Dead

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Aug 042012

In a post earlier – George lambasted Connie Conway, the imperial Republican Permanent Minority Leader for one of the most absurd campaign tactics ever… she mailed the donors of Andy Pugno.

I was ready to move on in the AD06 race until that gross act of stupidity by Connie Conway. That forms the back drop for this letter I got from the Moderate Republicans that are the “leaders” of the California Republican Party.

Right now – I am interested in several local races. The State of California has stolen 35% of the state money from every school district and has stolen so much from cities and the county that they may still be figuring out all the damage.

Where have Connie Conway, Bob Huff and the others been on this? Whining to small audiences in their own backyards instead of aggressively fighting.

The same goes for our local State Level Representatives – Beth Gaines was at the Placer GOP Headquarters talking about Crayfish fishing at Lake Tahoe – while people like Carol Garcia, Kirk Uhler, Kristie Greiss, my Mother and so many others are dealing with financial armageddon. I keep wanting to warm up to Beth Gaines and I get slapped with stuff like this. I could care less if her staff members glare at me at a chamber of commerce meeting – at least I know I am getting listened to by Beth Gaines!

Many in local government at all levels have told me they feel abandoned by their state level representatives.

Dear Delegate,

With the primary election behind us we can now focus on the top priorities for the November election.


  • Build a strong organization for Governor Romney that will help put a Republican President in the White House. (Romney has no organization in California, nor will he. This is a pipe dream)
  • Add to our Republican representation in the California Assembly, Senate and Congressional Delegation. (Really!? Then why did Connie Conway send out her letter supporting a candidate in a SAFE Republican district???)
  • Defeat Governor Brown’s initiative to raise state income and sales taxes. (Even a Cub Scout could get this one right)


All of these goals are achievable if we work together and are singularly focused on Victory in November.

With that in mind, California Trailblazers, in coordination with our state Assembly and Senate caucuses, is working with our legislative candidates to make sure they are prepared to win competitive districts this fall. (Cal Trailblazers is run by Jessica Patterson who is reportedly a close associate of Charles Munger)

The California Republican Congressional Delegation is leading the effort to establish a California Republican Victory Program targeted in competitive districts around the state. While it is focused on winning 10-12 congressional races it will closely coordinate with our effort to win overlapping targeted legislative seats.

Separate ballot measure committees have been formed to defeat the proposed tax increases and to limit the power of special interests.

Not mentioned in this letter – the California Republican Party is broke. Placer County has more money and we got criticized for raising it by some so-called Republican leader.

We have a lot of work to do at our California Republican Party Convention, now scheduled for August 10-12 in Los Angeles. We encourage you to attend.

However, if you are unable to attend, please make sure you are represented by proxy. Thanks to your response to our request prior to the last convention, you still have the right to be represented by proxy. We are grateful for your support.

If you would like to have your vote cast according to the wishes of your legislative and congressional leaders, please sign the proxy form which you can download here and return it to Republican Leadership, 1017 L Street, #715 Sacramento, CA 95814-3805. You may leave it blank or designate someone you know who supports our elected Republican Leadership to carry the proxy. Either way we will make sure that your proxy is turned in so that you are represented.

Again, thank you for your past support. We look forward to seeing you in Los Angeles or at a future convention and working with you towards many victories in November.

There is a notable omission – there was no mention of opposing the Molly Munger tax increase in this request for Proxy votes. There are a number of us that believe that the leadership have become dependent on Charles Munger’s money and as a result are running a drill to prevent the California Republican Party from opposing  Prop 38. Prop 38 is a $120 Billion tax increase put on the ballot by Molly Munger. (Charles’ sister and liberal democrat activist)

If the California Republican Party gets twisted by these people in to not opposing Prop 38 – you will know that the California Republican Party is officially owned by Charles Munger and is officially dead.