Aug 152012

Campaign finance reports can be amazing sometimes.

You’ve read a lot on this blog about the just concluded Placer County Republican Central Committee race where liberal billionaire Charles Munger spent $45,000 in an attempt to overthrow the CRA-led leadership.

I had believed all along that Munger was brought in to our Central Committee race by Ted Gaines or Doug LaMalfa. Both of them have ample reasons to try and get even with the Placer CRA.

Start with the fact that we stood out as the only Central Committee out of 11 counties in SD-01 that refused to endorse Ted Gaines. We also gave Linda Park (the candidate before Andy Pugno) a 13-11 simple majority viewed as an embarrassing slap in the face to Beth Gaines.

The Placer CCR (aka the Republican Congress of Placer County) is the Moderate Republican Club in Placer County. Their website talks about electing “Socially Tolerant” citizens (translation no on Prop 8).

Several sources told me that Auburn Councilmember Mike Holmes ran their campaign for Central Committee. The Placer CCR’s campaign finance report shows that they spent $11,500 on a mailer for the Central Committee race.

Conservative Mugs 970×250

The consultant? David Stafford Gilliard.

In case you are new to this blog – Gilliard is allegedly a Conservative, but he is also Doug LaMalfa and Ted Gaines’ campaign manager.

So, now the dots are connected. Our so-called Conservative State Senators went out hunting the Conservative Republicans on the Placer GOP Cent Com in favor of a slate that includes several Pro-Choice Anti-Prop-8 Republicans, and group of Tea Partiers recruited by Team LaMalfa on a self-righteous jihad against “corruption”.

If you’re curious about the $45k that Charles Munger spent – click here to see my previous blog about it.

When you add the $45k from Munger and the $11,500 from the Placer CCR – that is a total of $56,500 spent on a revenge mission.

That’s correct- the Placer CRA’s leaders helped thwart Munger’s attempt to gut the California GOP’s platform and we have called Ted Gaines and Doug LaMalfa out for hurting the Republican brand…

… and here they are red handed proving what I have written about the self-serving narcissism of most in State-Level office.

With Republicans like these – who needs Democrats. Maybe voting Democrat in some of these races is more ethical? The fact that I had to write this post is a monument to the CAGOP #EPICFAIL

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