Aug 312012

According to the blog that David Stafford Gilliard (The other David) owns, Doug LaMalfa went in and had a sit-down with Governor Jerry Brown.

Doug LaMalfa informed Jerry Brown that he wanted to resign immediately and requested that Jerry Brown schedule the special election to run concurrent with the November General Election. Jerry Brown agreed to do so – for reasons enumerated later in this blog.

Sound Familiar? Ted Gaines was on the ballot twice in the fall of 2010. With 13 Counties in SD04 – the County Registrars won’t have to worry about Jim Nielsen calling them yelling and threatening them to make a separate ballot.

Here’s how the domino’s fall.

By doing this – David Stafford Reade gets an issue to attack Dan Logue with (being on the ballot twice, how selfish, blah blah blah). Being the man of integrity that he is, of course, Reade will get sudden amnesia over the status of his new best buddy Ted Gaines in 2010.

This of course sets up the Dan Logue VS Jim Nielsen State Senate Race. (Special Election)

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The State Senate race is in the OLD Senate District 4 because it is this year. The metric is that LaMalfa’s crumbling base of support is getting weaker as more people find out about him and they had to act now.

Dan Logue just had to fight off Bob Williams in AD03 (who Reade recruited specifically to bleed money off of Logue) so he is a little lower on campaign cash.

Here’s the score – unlike LaMalfa who can hide behind scorecards to cover up his true essence, Jim Nielsen really is a Moderate all the way through.

Jim Nielsen is good buddies with Jerry Brown, dating back to the 1970’s when he was a state senator and was a reliable lap-dog for the Governor.

David Stafford Reade had to pull this trump card as this is the best circumstance for Nielsen.

Too bad, though – Nielsen is going to get hammered. Stay Tuned.

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  One Response to “David Stafford Reade – Chess-master, Tries to Rig Senate Election for Jim Nielsen”

  1. Aaron,

    Ted Gaines is on the ballot in the new SD1 in November.

    The special election would be in the old 4th SD — so Redding voters, for instance, would vote for two senate races on the same ballot? That is very strange.

    I know it’s filling out a half-term, but it’d have to be in the new Senate District at this point, right?

    Blogger’s note: Bruce, you are correct on all counts.

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