Aug 242012

Everyone in insider politics knows that Dave Gilliard has two-three indian tribe outfits that he can go to to get IE money on behalf of candidates. Dave Gilliard is the campaign manager of Beth Gaines.

Every insider knows that Dave Gilliard has a glass jaw and the slightest criticism causes him to go off the deep end – which is why he teamed up with people he is not aligned with to try and get even with the Placer GOP for refusing to support Beth Gaines.

Recently, Andy Pugno sent out an email lambasting Dave Gilliard for outright lying in the June primary. It also went in to detail about how Beth Gaines relied on the votes of 12,000 non-Republicans to make it in to the November Runoff.

Gilliard must be desperate. After months of showing little or no life – Beth Gaines got $4k in Pac Money yesterday and on cue, an Indian Tribe dropped $20k on attack ads on KFBK. It is the Pashkenta Band – a tribe familiar to Gilliard that has invested in several of his clients over the years. How the FPPC never burns Gilliard on this is beyond me.

I am sitting here at my desk looking at an endorsement card for Beth Gaines for Assembly that I asked Beth’s Field Director, Jeff Short to send me. Despite the fact that the Gaines and Gilliard tried to gut the Central Committee in retaliation for our support of Pugno, I was prepared to endorse in the interest of peace.

Never, ever underestimate the stupidity of Ego.

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Now, I am throwing the endorsement card in the trash – because drawing first blood like this is stupid and desperate. Andy Pugno has not even declared his intention to run or not yet – but the behavior of Gilliard and Connie Conway has been absurd. It does not matter whether Andy runs or not – any part of me that could support the Gaines was just killed.

There has been a ton of chest-beating stupidity in the AD-06 race and we don’t even have a race yet!

If Andy Runs – it is Dave Gilliard and Connie Conway’s fault… this thing was basically over until they got involved again and again. Just wow.

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  One Response to “Dave Gilliard Blinked – Gets Coordinated IE To Attack Andy Pugno”


    Clearly controlled by Gilliard

    Blogger’s Note: Who got consulting fees off of the radio buys. The donor was the Pashkenta Band of Indians, again. (surprise!)

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