Jul 192012

Adam Hill is doing what David Stafford Reade, Dave Gilliard and Doug LaMalfa only dream of. (That is when they aren’t getting caught flaunting federal law, state law, campaign finance law, ethics and integrity…)

Adam Hill is a democrat who is a supervisor in San Luis Obispo County. Similar to above named – he got a local newspaper to print false information about people he wants to silence.

Similar to the above – Adam Hill sent out emails accusing a blog on San Luis Obispo County of committing crimes. Similar to Tea Parties in Northern California that believed Reade/LaMalfa without question there were people in SLO the believed without question.

www.calcoastalnews.com lost advertisers over the false claims.

Adam Hill got angry over exposure shed on his Girlfriend that is the Executive Director of a Charity and over questions about how the Charity got its’ funding from the County. (A similar angle to $5 million in rice subsidies)

The boorish behavior is summarized in an excerpt from a blog on Steve Frank’s website:

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Hill’s threats intensified after CCN reported that Hill cut off the microphone of a person speaking at a supervisor meeting because he did not like what she was saying. CCN also reported when Hill made a call to a Pismo Beach resident who had written a letter to the editor. In the call, Hill pretended to be his political opponent in the last county election.

Hill has “found” postings on the internet and forwarded them to recipients around the county, sometimes within minutes of their creation. The postings contain false claims that CCN has paid sources or deceived the public.

Hill sent an email to Loving referring him to a link with one of the posts. (Bill)Loving (editor of the CCN Blog) sent a reply thanking Hill and letting him know that he would be in contact with the poster in order to hear his evidence of wrongdoing or get an apology for the statement.

“Requests have been put forward to get the identity of this person whose post Mr. Hill is spreading around,” Loving said. “It’s taking a while to reach him because the author of the post doesn’t seem to exist.”

Hill has threatened persons who are affiliated with the news site, warning them that if they continued to promote or contribute content to the site, they would lose jobs and reputations.

Similar to the anonymous posters I believe to be Doug LaMalfa staff – it seems that those tactics are not new.

The rest of the story goes in to some apparently abusive practices in SLO County that Adam Hill is involved in.

At least in this case – the scumbag is a Democrat.

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