May 012012

The editorial from the Bee is Linked Here regarding the CD-01 Race.

I am only going to focus on the CD-01 Race, because the CD-01 race editorial really shows that the Bee has been forced to adjust to Prop 14 – and is at least doing some critical analysis of candidates.

Between the two, Aanestad brings a deeper understanding of the issues and can more readily justify his stands. Given his background in health care, Aanestad could help inform the discussion of what likely will be a major issue in Congress in 2013 and beyond.

LaMalfa, by contrast, stumbled in our interview in explaining how the uninsured could gain coverage in a purely free-market system of care, which he endorses. He also needs to better explain how, as a recipient of farm subsidies and an advocate of smaller government, he’d reform the farm bill and trade policies so farmers like himself wouldn’t need taxpayer help.

This is it in a nutshell. LaMalfa shows up with his cowboy hat and says, “Aw Shucks” and people seem to melt. But, the farm welfare issue is torching his campaign like never before. The apparent hypocricy between LaMalfa’s anti-government rhetoric and the $4.7 million in his bank account is astounding and even the Bee recognizes that.

But – the next quote I believe sums up why the Bee chose Sam Aanestad and it is a similar line of logic that appears to be affecting multiple Bee Endorsements:

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Aanestad, 65, has the endorsement of Rep. Tom McClintock, the Elk Grove Republican. While we disagree with McClintock on many of his stands, we are pleased he isn’t in lock step with Herger and most other Republicans, who’ve thrown their support behind LaMalfa.

Screw the establishment.

Even a busted clock is right twice a day, good job, Sacramento Bee. (even though they will endorse the Dem over the Republican in the fall.)

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