May 302012

What did Dave Gilliard know and when did he know it?

The Redding Record-Searchlight just lit up Doug LaMalfa again. The same day as the illegal website attacking Sam Aanestad was registered – Mark Spannagel was paid $135 for “Media Related Services” the same day that he registered the illegal website.

Now we know why Doug LaMalfa has not terminated Mark Spannagel – it appears that Mark Spannagel was acting under orders from Dave Gilliard / Doug LaMalfa. This sort of sleaze is consistent for Dave Gilliard – as Gilliard’s grip on several races is loosening, he is getting progressively more desperate and hysterical in the attacks and tactics used.

Any political cub scout could have found this. Dave Gilliard is usually pretty adept at hiding thousands of dollars of expenses off of candidates political filings – but apparently, in their arrognace, Spannagel, LaMalfa and Gilliard thought they would not get caught.


LaMalfa’s committee paid Mark Spannagel $4,500 on April 17 and $135 on April 18 for “media related services.”

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Now, Dave Gilliard is writing a limp-wristed, Mark Spannagel is not with the campaign anymore email.

Oh Gheez. But Spannagel still works for State Senator Doug LaMalfa.

The Record Searchlight requested the receipt from LaMalfa’s campaign, but its spokesman, Dave Gilliard, said he was on the road and was not involved with the finance reporting to the Federal Election Commission.

Come on, Gilliard.

Accountability has arrived for Doug LaMalfa, “He Ain’t one of us.”

The Redding Record-Searchlight article is linked here.

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