May 192012

This clip is Sam Aanestad himself going over the litany of dirty campaigning by Team LaMalfa. Doug LaMalfa is endorsed by Ted Gaines, Beth Gaines, the establishment and uses Dave Gilliard as a consultant.

The significance is that Sam Aanestad held his press conference in front of Doug LaMalfa’s district office and the office was reported to have been dark for at least two days this week.

Mark Spannagel, Doug LaMalfa’s chief of staff was implicated by subpoenaed records for creating an attack website against Sam Aanestad – fraudulently claiming it was done by Micheal Dacquisto, failing to report the independent expenditure and for possible violation of Federal Election coordination rules.

This clip is Aanestad attorney Barry Pruett discussing the legal details of the case. Pruett later filed legal action against Doug LaMalfa.

As of yet, there has been no disciplinary action against Mark Spannagel. Don’t expect any as it has been the pattern of team LaMalfa to engage in character assassination, manipulation of tea parties, creating fake groups to rig endorsements with, destroying campaign signs, creating fake newspapers to attack political opponent’s marriages, alleging FBI investigations of political opponents, tying opponents to Hugh Hefner… and now professionally created attack websites fraudulently pinned to political opponents.

But remember – $4.7million dollars later – “He’s one of us!”

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Just wow.

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