Apr 142012

LaMalfa one of us? Are you kidding me?

Is the title of the latest accountability for Doug LaMalfa. Read the Paradise Post Article here.

The article starts out talking about LaMalfa and David Stafford Reade stepping in to a vacuum for his first run for office. Using some of his family fortune, Doug LaMalfa won an assembly primary against some lesser-known opponents.

The theme of the article is illustrating that LaMalfa’s claim of being “one of us” is fraudulent.

The author, Jim Ledgerwood, started his indictment of Doug LaMalfa with the $4.7 million in federal farm welfare he and his family have taken – he segues in to a discussion of the Commercial Farm getting split up to get around the $180,000 a year limit on farm welfare.

He details how farm welfare is limited to the few large commercial farms and is rarely given to smaller, family farms.

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Ledgerwood continues his indictment of LaMalfa chronicling how he helped found an organization that is all about farm welfare, how he used his office to benefit himself – right down to his attempt to turn Rice Straw in to a cash crop. (at the expense of taxpayers of course)

When the government pays LaMalfa and others not to grow rice – they can take their tax-payer funded water allotment and sell it to Southern California as well.

Ledgerwood reports that the LaMalfa “family farm” never received less than $161,592 in a year between 1995-2010. This included topping $500k one year and besting $400k three other years for an average of $293.427 – well over the $180,000 limit they circumvented.

Ledgerwood closes the article by pointing out that LaMalfa had a Mustang Mach-1 as his taxpayer-funded car and his six figure salary for infesting office…

Is Doug LaMalfa one of us, Ledgerwood asks?

If you are a millionaire rice farmer trust fund baby who has spent his whole adult life collecting government handouts, then the answer would be yes.


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