Apr 262012

Doug LaMalfa has complained about the things I have written about him many times. The problem for him is that when I torch him, I have evidence.

LaMalfa’s friends when they have attempted political revenge have almost never had evidence. There’s a difference (See also the alleged FBI investigation story now 18 months old)…

Well, Doug LaMalfa decided to decimate a democrat opponent for Assembly by tying her to Porn. Actually, it was David Stafford Reade who did it, but Doug LaMalfa condones David’s behavior and paid him for it for years… rightfully, Doug LaMalfa got ripped in the local press for doing what he did. At the time – Doug LaMalfa didn’t have Dave Gilliard helping him run media drills to get hit pieces run against local Republican volunteers – looks like he could have used it to avoid what the Redding Record Searchlight did to him:

Invoking porn king in ad, LaMalfa looks like prince of slime

By:Doni Greenberg Record Searchlight

Published: October 29, 2004

Conservative Mugs 970×250

Hes one of us, proclaim the words on Assemblyman Doug LaMalfas campaign posters. A tiny cowboy hat hangs from an L– like somebody flung the hat there after a hard days work.

…Ironically, the voiceover on LaMalfas porn-king/McIver commercials features an interesting choice of words. They say LaMalfa opposes Flynts degrading treatment of women.

Really? So how does LaMalfa explain his degrading treatment of McIver?

(The article was excerpted)

LaMalfas linking rival to porn king is simply obscene

By:Bruce Ross Record Searchlight

Published: October 28, 2004

It was bad enough for the Los Angeles card clubs to butt into north state politics, but Assemblyman Doug LaMalfas ads proclaiming that his rival, Tehama County Supervisor Barbara McIver, is on a team with pornographer Larry Flynt takes slime to a new low. Whats beneath slug trails anyway? …

That said, the Los Angeles Casinos Political Action Committees ads have nothing to do with McIver. They were independently funded and produced by a special interest with its own agenda in mind, not McIvers campaign and certainly not north state voters well-being.

To state that McIver is on a team with pornographers is false. To imply that she favors prostitution, drugs and degrading treatment of women is preposterously sleazy.

Its also bizarre. LaMalfa is the Republican incumbent in a strongly conservative district, and he could certainly afford to

take the high road.

Simply running on his consistent anti-tax record — you know, the issues — would probably be enough to let him cruise to


Some say you can judge politicians by their opponents. LaMalfa is opposed by Los Angeles casino interests. McIver is opposed by an assemblyman practicing shameless gutter politics.

So when LaMalfa starts crying over getting hammered for his hypocricy – remember Barbara McIver. This again, shows that Mr. LaMalfa lives his life with a set of situational ethics – like those of his staff that continue to push unfounded rumors against Republican Volunteers.

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