Feb 222012

It looks like Doug LaMalfa is in trouble.

The Redding Record-Searchlight is the largest paper in the CD01 district and they LIT Doug LaMalfa on Fire over the Rice Welfare issue.

$300k last year alone! $300K!!!

I am sitting here finishing my dinner – L&L Hawiian BBQ which consists of Chicken, Polynesian BBQ Sauce and, you guessed it, taxpayer subsidized rice!

$4.7Million? Really? And all LaMalfa had to say for himself was – “You shouldn’t talk about a farmer with your mouth full…”

Doug LaMalfa – you shouldn’t talk about Welfare Reform or fiscal conservatism with your pockets full! (OF OUR MONEY!)

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Quoting today’s Op-Ed:

But we will say this about LaMalfa. He’s one of those conservatives whose rhetoric has hit an increasingly bitter anti-government note of late. He recently touted his congressional candidacy on the Republican website FlashReport in part by saying, “I see it as my job to stand between the bureaucrat thugs and the people.” Are those the same “thugs” who send his family business six-figure subsidies each year?

Now, that will leave a mark.

But – it gets better, Doug LaMalfa has invested considerable time in supporting his Farm Welfare. He helped found an organization that is all about Farm Welfare:

LaMalfa served as a founding member of the California Rice Commission (Butte County). As a founding member, he helped start an organization that lobbies for rice subsidies, more friendly trucking regulation and cheaper power for rice growers.

The California Rice Commission had retained a Washington lobbying firm, Lesher and Russell, to make its case against such reductions for the 2007 federal farm bill that included rice subsidies.


Doug LaMalfa has some explaining to do. Big Time… but wait, there’s more… much more.

For example – the California Rice Commission applauded liberal Democrat Doris Matsui for protecting their welfare payments in the 2007 Farm bill.


We are now swimming in it. Quoting the Record-Searchlight again:

But a combination of pandering to the base about small government while paying the farm’s bills thanks to FDR’s legacy? Yeah, some folks might think that smells like fertilizer.

Oooooh. LaMalfa is a fraud.

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  2 Responses to “Doug LaMalfa – Rice Welfare King / Founder of a Rice Welfare Organization”

  1. So glad that a real conservative like Sam is running.

  2. I read a lot of your blogs this morning and they all read like a gossip column. This is an important election year and we need facts, not gossip.

    Your comments about the farm subsidies will hurt any candidate that is a farmer and most farmers I know are conservative.

    I will be voting for Doug LaMalfa because I know for a fact he listens to his constituents, even if they are a nobody in the party. In addition to that, while Aanestad has a fairly conservative voting record, LaMalfa nearly always votes the way I would have him vote, not so much with Annestad. In fact, one time I called Annestad’s office because he voted for a bill I was fighting.

    Blogger’s Note – Debra, thanks for the visit. You 100% have a right to support LaMalfa. However, the information about LaMalfa’s $4.7 million in farm subsidies is factual. The info on his role in founding an organization that lobbies for farm subsidies is also factual. I also reserve the right to light LaMalfa up for calling himself a conservative whilst taking $4.7million in taxpayer funds.

    Again, thanks for reading this blog.

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