Feb 012012

3/5/2012 Update: This is all I have to say about the CD-01 Race on this blog. I am supporting Colonel Pete Stiglich for Congress… that is all I have to the rest I have to say. Someone else can whale on Doug LaMalfa…

Doug LaMalfa.

The man that went on a rampage after drubbing Rick Keene in the 2010 primary. I wrote mean things about him and made his mother cry. I later apologized… and then was made to feel like an idiot for apologizing.

On July 7th, 2011 – Doug LaMalfa attacked the Placer GOP on the front page – above the fold – in the Sacramento Bee. This forever solidified Doug LaMalfa’s place in the annals of idiots in Northern California politics. You don’t attack Republican volunteers – no matter how angry you are with them. This came a few months after I posted that public apology to Mr. LaMalfa for shredding him in the 2010 Primary.

No apologies will be forthcoming from this blogger again – and this is 100% on LaMalfa’s shoulders, amazing.

“I know many people on that committee who are good servants to the cause, but there are some there that are not really playing above board,” said Republican Sen. Doug LaMalfa of Richvale. “A lot of funny stuff (is) going on with where the money’s going or how many hands it’s going through before a check actually gets cut.”

Conservative Mugs 970×250

The man who would be congressman accused Republican volunteers of felony embezzlement, money laundering and fraud. Brilliant.

It gets better – read the story and you’ll realize that he recruited Ted Gaines and Beth Gaines to participate in his mini-jihad. Ah hah, is it clear yet? The Gaines’ needed to cut a deal because of the new districts that were drawn. This is how it works in the world of the Gaines – when there is a perceived gain to be made, under the bus people go. (More on all of that, soon)

Note – 15 months have gone by and the FBI still has not visited anyone. The FPPC investigation is now 18 months old – the complaint that was referenced in the article… and no contact from anyone in several months.

LaMalfa (and family)? $4,500,000 in farm subsidies – making them one of Northern California’s Largest Welfare recipients. He wants us to believe he is a conservative

LaMalfa? used his office to enrich himself

LaMalfa? no stranger to projecting influence

LaMalfa? angry over attacks against him in 2010 – but no stranger to sleaze himself

LaMalfa? claims to be conservative but endorses liberals and moderates

LaMalfa?  claims to be conservative but up to his neck in the attempt to gut the California Republican Party Platform

Oh, and there are those votes for state budgets, too.

I need to get this graphic updated – but I think it says it all. Anyone kind enough to have photoshop can pull the image down and make it say Congress and return it to me anytime soon… it would be appreciated.

I’ve had it with self-serving hypocrites that want to infest office.

You have a choice – anyone but LaMalfa, anyone not named Gaines.

To be continued…



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