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This is old news. That’s ok because my spin on it is not.

First off – the incredible article from the Marysville Appeal-Democrat.

The quotes are a consultant’s dream – if you’re Dan Sharp or Kim Vann:

I’m first and foremost a Marine, and a Marine puts country first,” Schaupp said. “In this case, it’s time for Charlie Schaupp to step aside and do what’s best for the country.

She’s proven to me she’s trustworthy and knows what she’s doing,” said Schaupp

It’s clear to me Vann is the one who should represent the party.

Conservative Mugs 970×250

Charlie Schaupp ended Rick Tubbs’ hopes of getting anywhere past 5% of the vote.

Tubbs had arrogantly thought that he could muscle everyone out of the race and position himself as the conservative alternative. Tubbs has two problems (other than a cronic lack of money) his wife and himself.

Having seen Tubbs in action, he is a used car salesman who has little if any substance to what he talks about. (EDIT – sentence deleted)

Kim Vann deserves better and the GOP deserves better than to see a targeted Congressional Race be subjected to the bizarre sideshow of the Tubbs campaign.

Do I think Rick Tubbs will suspend his campaign for the good of the GOP? I doubt it.

However, as reported back to me by people who were there… Rick Tubbs looked flabbergasted that Charlie endorsed Kim Vann. The most flabbergasted person will be John Garamendi in November when he realizes that he is out of office for the first time in 30+ years.

One of the most telling things I heard about was when Charlie confronted Garamendi. Garamendi could not regain his composure the rest of the morning – it is amazing what happens to career politicians when they are forced back in to the real world.

Kim Vann is going to kick John Garamendi’s butt – and with a Marine’s Size-12 helping him off the side.

P.S. I deleted a disparaging comment about Kristy Tubbs – she is not the candidate, Rick is and as such, I should have left her out of it.

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  19 Responses to “Charlie Schaupp Suspends Campaign – Endorses Kim Vann”

  1. You speak of Rick Tubbs as a candidate with no subsistence. It appears that have you really met this man! Rick dreams that he is leader and is a good moral man. In the words of Congressman George Miller “Rick wants to be on the right side of every issue” Meaning he sticks his finger in the air to do the right thing.

    Rick may be trailing in fundraising but he has an about 10 volunteers including myself who will work tirelessly on his behalf. It is the kind of support Kim Vann cannot buy at any price.

    Your comments concerning Ricks wife Kristy Tubbs are in good taste and are 100% accurate. If your idea of a “Jerry Springer” type contestant is a good Christian woman who wears too much makeup and sings loudly then hey you hit the nail on the head.

  2. Colonel, I expected a lot more from you. Your remarks about Rick and in particular Kristy are beneath you. I request that you issue an apology to them forthwith. Otherwise, you will earn the distinction of being just another sore loser and will sully the honor of your station.

    Blogger’s Note – F.D. – if you’re a real Marine, then you’re a real immature embarrassment to the core.

  3. Kind of a bias article you got going here. How about talking about where they stand on issues instead of their personality. That’s how we got the current President, personality instead of stance.

    Blogger’s Note – step away from the Kool-Aid and get to know Kim Vann. She has more substance in her pinkie than Rick Tubbs has ever had in his entire life.

  4. I am very certain that you do NOT know the Tubbs family. What you see as a downfall, is very much their appeal to a majority of the people. Everyone I have ever seen them come into contact with LOVE them! Rick is definitely NOT a political bully. In fact he is quite the opposite. He sees things clearly and has definitive ideas on how to make things better in this country. He knows how to find the common ground of those who see opposite from each other and bring them to an agreement on what needs to be done. He is a man of great honor and integrity! He has the kind of character that all those who are elected to serve the people should have. That is hard to find in the current political arenas these days.

    Mr. Park, if you actually took the time to get to know Rick and his family, I am sure you would need to print a retraction of your condeming statements. Or is it that you are being paid by some hard core, RINO republicans to print such baises and slander? Too bad you can’t see what is really best for this country any more than the establishment Republicans and Democrats do. Wake up! The days of politics as usual is coming to an end!

    But thank you for exercising your 1st Amendment rights!

    Blogger’s Note – Angela, your comment is delusional and you need therapy. But, thanks for reading. I do know Rick Tubbs by his actions and he is classless and can’t finish sentence of substance. That is Rick Tubbs’ problem.

    Secondly, your delusion is further borne out as you assume that every Republican running not named Rick Tubbs is a RINO. That view guarantees one thing – that you don’t know Kim Vann.

  5. There have been several comments left by tubbs supporters – including one by Pizza Manager Tim Core. Mr. Core’s comment was longer than my post and has been deleted. Rick Tubbs will be deleted by the voters in June.

  6. Blogger’s Note – Since this is from Rick Tubbs himself, this is posted in its’ entirety.

    In response to Aaron Parks, campaign staff member of Charlie Schaupp by Rick Tubbs, proud husband of Kristy Tubbs.

    Your negative personal attack is exactly what is wrong with politics today. Your blatantly false comments about me are ridiculous and smack of the very tactics the liberal Paul Saulinsky and his disciples are trying to use to destroy America where when you are losing on the substance of an issue, divert the people’s attention from your failure by personally attacking and ridiculing your opponent.

    But your attack on my wife, Kristy, is beyond the pale and way out of bounds. I don’t know if your apparent mentor, Saulinsky, would be proud of you, or maybe he would even be ashamed by such a completely deplorable act. Since you do not have a clue who my wife is as evidenced by your absurd post about her and since you are obviously trying to taint the perception of others by your public invectives, let me tell you and your readers who my wife really is.

    My wife has stood by my side for over 22 years and is the mother of our three children. My wife has poured her heart and soul into serving our family’s every need for those 22 years. My wife helped raise $100,000 for a child dying of a brain tumor when we lived in Texas. My wife with our family helped deliver nearly 2000 care packages to the children left homeless by Hurricane Katrina. My wife helped open the Vacaville Store House that feeds and clothes hundreds in our community in need. My wife has tutored many children with learning disabilities helping them reach their fullest potential. My wife has been a war widow while I was away for months on end fighting two wars. My wife speaks at Yellow Ribbon events counseling thousands of deploying military members and their families on marriage and financial issues dealing with the long separations military families must endure. My wife has helped save dozens of marriages and even prevented suicides as a result of the hundreds of hours she has volunteered counseling these military families after the Yellow Ribbon events are finished. My wife is right now volunteering her time to help open a Veterans’ entrepreneurial training program in Suisun City. My wife while battling cancer encouraged me to run for office a second time because she knew I could help solve our countries problems and was willing to sacrifice her time with me even if her time might be short. My wife beat cancer and is now standing by my side as I run for Congress doing all she can to help me win. I could write a book about my wife that would be an example for all of us to follow describing the countless acts of kindness and generosity she has shown to countless friends, family and strangers to make their world just that much better. My wife is a woman of many talents and a long history of serving others and making their lives better. There is so much more I could write. I love my wife with all my heart and am incredibly proud of her for who she is and what she does. So if you or anyone else has a problem with who my wife is, then I have a problem with you and don’t need your support.

    Shame on you Aaron Parker. You pick on candidate’s wives who in the interest of not hurting their husband’s image must remain silent against your poisonous drivel. Well I will not remain silent, and I will defend my wife. Your next words you post should be a very public apology to Kristy for the very wrong things you said about her. Anything else will just further prove the lacking of your character. I have said all I will ever say on this matter and will not waste anymore of my precious time responding to your destructive distractions. America has serious problems and she needs serious people spending their time, talent and energy fixing them. Your sordid personal attacks are exactly what has put our country in this mess by discouraging good people to run for office. Start being a part of the solution, Aaron Parks. So far your contribution to politics has only been part of the problem.

    And for the record, my astonished look as Charlie quit the race was not because he didn’t endorse me. After this post by you, I am thankful he did not endorse me. It would now be an embarrassment to my campaign. I was astonished that after hearing Charlie speak at several campaign events about his tenacity and willingness to fight for CD-3 in Washington, that he was just quitting after not putting up much of a fight in this campaign. It certainly was very curious and out of character for the Charlie Schaupp I came to know and respect. I still do not understand his reasoning, but as this has all played out, I certainly agree with his conclusion that his quitting the race best served our country.

  7. Apparently I mistook the words of one Aaron F. Park for those of Colonel Schaup. I guess Mr. Park is the nasty one in this incident, not Charlie. But,Charlie, if you lay down with dogs you are going to get fleas. Mr. Park: if you think you can bring voters to your cause by denigrating them and saying the really vile things you are saying, then no wonder the GOP is in trouble in California.

    Blogger’s Note: If observing behavior and reporting on it is vile – I am guilty as charged.

  8. This is the first I have ever heard of Aaron Park and as I read his blog and his comments to posters, I understand why. The vitriol you spew in this thread proves to me you have no idea who Rick & Kristy Tubbs are and what they stand for. Your comments are over-the-top and you have added nothing to the solutions this country needs. Rick is a savvy business person, leader and veteran who has served his country faithfully and continues to do so. He has solid ideas on turning this country around and for some reason, all you can do is put him and his lovely wife down. It is also apparent you don’t have a clue who Kristy is… she is a loving, caring individual who stands firmly behind her husband and does it with great enthusiasm. This family exemplifies the type of people I want to see in Washington, D.C. representing us!

    Blogger’s Note – Actually, the hystreonics of the Tubbs supporters on this blog post tell me even more that me psychoanalysis of Tubbs et. al. is correct.

  9. Rick Tubbs – you are correct about your wife. She is not the candidate and I should have left her out of it. In that regard, all the commenters on this post are correct.

    I apologize for that.

  10. Dear Aaron: “hystreonics?”

    Blogger’s Note: F.D. – yes, hystreonics is a a term that is a combination of hyperbolae and hysterics.

  11. Or it is just a way to weasel out of admitting you spelled it incorrectly.

    Blogger’s Note – let the ferst persen with prefect spelling cast the ferst stone.

  12. This is why good people think twice before running for elected office. Shame on you!

    Curtis Hunt
    Vacaville City Council

    Blogger’s Note: Curtis, pay attention. I am not the candidate.

  13. Methinks the Colonel should go back and reread the 11th commandment. Then perhaps the 1st 10.

    Blogger’s Note – Charlie did not write this post, I did. Get over yourself.

  14. Blogger’s note: I have never been to a Garamendi town hall and I have never met Les Darbison.

    Hi Aron If I am correct I meet you at a Garamendi town hall in Solano county. And I doubt you ll print this, you stated that you thought Kim Vahnn would win because she had the money . And to me it was apparent that you where just a hired gun. Because if I remember right you offered your services to Rick Tubbs first and at the time He could n’t afford to hire you When I meet you I was talking with Garamendi’s local office manger. And it was apparent that you both new each other. Both from the same school of politics as usual spin, spin spin. I have only heard Kim speak once at the jelly belly event she did her best but clearly came in last. Behind both Rick and Charlie. If she did n”t have a rich father she would n”t have even won the non contested set of county supervisor let alone even attempt to run for congress. I don”t want the good old boys club to pick my cannatdits (sp). I will vote to get rid of Garamendi . If Kim is the one to go against him you have made it a hard pill to sallow. One other thought Rick can easly carrie solano Co. And thats all he needs to do Has any grass roots group got en behind KIm? Do n’t think so.

  15. Well Aaron, I’m sorry to say, but you are RIGHT about the Tubbs family. I didn’t read what you wrote about Kristie, but she is as fake as they come and if you have read her blog, anyone can clearly see that she is trying to be the tea party version of Hilary Clinton, practically naming herself as the co-candidate. How much do you want to bet that it was Kristie who wrote the response above from “Rick Tubbs”? As for Rick, he is not prepared for the job, and he is as arrogant as you say.

  16. Blogger’s Note – This comment is representative of the hysterics of most Tubbs Supporters. You’d swear that Tubbs was some sort of cult leader.

    I have personally met the Tubbs family and Kim Vann. Kim Vann is one of the most fake people I have ever met and has no real ideas on how to fix the country. She is very good at the typical political tap dance around questions without actually answering, but Rick Tubbs gives very specific answers about how things can be changed for the better. By the way, tonight at the Sacramento GOP endorsement, after avoiding the question multiple times, Kim Vann admitted to being pro-choice, despite having claimed to be pro-life at previous events. If she can’t even make up her mind and stand behind her beliefs on that choice, how is she supposed to hold her own and do what is right in Washington? In my opinion, she CANNOT. Your article was mean and shows you obviously have not spent any time actually talking to Rick Tubbs. You should be ashamed of yourself, people like you are exactly what is wrong with politics!

  17. Aaron,

    I am curious why you have endorsed Kim Van for Congress. Her campaign has repeatedly ignored efforts to find out where she stands on the life issue.

    It is my understanding that at the Sacramento County Republican Party Endorsement meeting, she admitted to being pro-choice. (I wasn’t there, this is what I was told.)

    I personally have emailed and messaged her repeatedly over the last few months and have yet to receive a response. She has, however had no issue adding me to her email list (without my permission I might add) and asking me for money and to take a yard sign. I will not support a candidate who refuses to answer my questions.

    That is why my group the Frederick Douglass Foundation of California has endorsed Rick Tubbs-for Congress.

    He actually met with us and answered ALL of our questions.

    Craig DeLuz

  18. Wow… You’re going to look like such an idiot when all of Kim Vann’s “crap” hits the fan.

    Blogger’s Note – I continue to be stunned by the class (or lack thereof) of the Rick Tubbs supporters.

  19. And so, the voices of the Solano County Tea Party, a ultra right wing, radical, conservative arm of 165 persons feel about Rick Tubbs….look at any comment about him and you will see thes same persons, blogging repeatedly…if you want the real truth, just look at the endorsements of the REAL leaders of the GOP….thats where the truth is at…and they’re not with Rick Tubbs.

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