Feb 242012

… and an opponent who is loaded for bear.

Beth Gaines has done next to nothing since being elected to the Assembly. People are only now starting to see her or staff since she has drawn an opponent.

For those that remember, it took coordinated independent expenditures and $350,000 dollars raised by her husband Ted Gaines to gain a 726 vote victory.

Now that she has a serious challenger, there is pining for some free media. Introducing bills that will certainly get killed – yet each will cost the taxpayers $20-$25,000 a piece and even more if they survive one committee.

Years after business in Roseville were shut down by ADA lawsuits – Beth Gaines is attempting to grandstand on the issue. Where was Ted Gaines when the original damage was done? Nowhere, Beth? Wasting tax dollars grandstanding.

Both Gaines are now grand-standers – and given that they are controlled by the same person, it stands to reason that they would employ similar political tactics. Taxpayers can not afford the Gaines double-dip, double-grandstand and the double vortex in placer of leadership we all deserve from state-level officeholders.

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The voters in AD06 know they have a leadership deficit. A couple that double-dip the taxpayers and do nothing for the district have bred some significant anger amongst the constituents.

Linda M Park has a resume that is verifiable because of the lives she has impacted. Beth Gaines’ resume, when challenged, falls apart.

Beth Gaines has a second major problem – she will be on the ballot at the same time as her husband, Ted Gaines. This is a loser. No amount of spin can change that.

It is time for Beth Gaines to get out in the district outside of controlled environments and debate Linda M Park. She is going to be forced to show the voters why she deserves to be retained – there is no place to hide.

It is also time for Beth Gaines to prove what she says in her “resume” is true, thereby showing people why she was qualified to infest office in the first place – beyond just the last name.

Let’s start the debate there – more to come soon.

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