Jan 252012

The church bells are ringing. The Duke and Duchess of East Roseville have avoided a trip to the archbishop for an annulment.

The Duke of East Roseville is going to rent a throne in Rocklin to extend his reign over the new fiefdom he is seeking. Now the main throne room in East Roseville is untouched by this latest move as the children of the Duke and Duchess will remain and will be hosting several cordials and balls in the vacated palace.

The Serfs of the 1st Senate Fiefdom should not fret – the Duke of East Roseville will return to the palatial estate once the Duke has accomplished his mission. Then the serfs of the 1st Fiefdom will be unrepresented again as they have been used to since the Duke’s reign started.


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  One Response to “Placer County’s Dynasty to Rent a Summer Palace?”

  1. You’re a hoot!

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