Jan 242012

You read it here first!

Sam Aanestad is making phone calls to generate support for a run against Doug LaMalfa for Congress.

There is no truer friend to Conservatives in Northern California than Sam Aanestad. Sam supported his mentor, Tom McClintock for Congress when Doug LaMalfa and 100 local electeds chose the establishment Moderate over now Congressman McClintock.

Sam Aanestad was rated the most Conservative Senator in California the year before he retired from the State Senate in 2010.

Doug LaMalfa has serious issues with Conservative grass-roots over his involvement in the Charles Munger-led Republican Party Platform drill for starters. Doug LaMalfa’s staff was involved in the attempt by Charles Munger to eliminate Conservative issues such as Pro-Life, Pro Prop-8 and the Second Amendment from the platform.

Second, the attempted coronation of Doug LaMalfa by retiring Congressman Wally Herger has also riled feathers all over the North State.

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I spoke directly with Senator Sam so this news is real.

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  One Response to “BREAKING – Doug LaMalfa to Draw Sam Aanestad as an opponent?”

  1. This is great news. We need a principled conservative in that seat who will work with Tom McClintock. There are enough opportunistic politicians as it is.

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