Dec 272011

I just recently looked at polling data – it shows that Ron Paul has little support amongst Republicans and in NH whose primary is open, most of Paul’s support is coming from Left-leaning Independents and Democrats.

I have a theory why – look at the host of articles about him.

Ex Aide says Ron Paul is a 9/11 Truther who thinks America should not have fought Hitler. This is the same guy that thought Saddam was justified in attacking Kuwait because Kuwait was “slant drilling” Iraqi Oil.

Former Aide – Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy is Sheer Lunacy.

Ron Paul on camera in 1987 talking about his racist newsletters.

As the libertarian candidate for President – he called Ronald Reagan’s administration a “dramatic failure”.

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Ron Paul argues in favor of Congressional Earmarks in a 2009 LA Times article.

This is an article about an 8-page Ron Paul fundraising letter that was full of irresponsible comments – including forecasting a coming race war.

This is an article about Ron Paul’s support for HAMAS and his disdain for Israel.

Jack Dingess: “One of the Ron Paul Report newsletters claimed gays were going to donate blood en masse to infect the American blood supply with AIDS. The newsletters were written in the first person as if they were from Ron Paul. How is this any different from Obama’s Rev. Jeremiah Wright claiming the CIA invented AIDS to kill black men.
“Ron Paul was perfectly fine with Neo-Nazis raising money for his 2008 campaign. He went on Iranian national television to claim Israel has concentration camps where it routinely kills Palestinians.
“He admitted writing the newsletters when they came up initially, defended them, and a staffer even said he was continuing to write them. So he is either a liar or the most incompetent candidate ever. Paul is every bit as bad and as dangerous as Barack Obama.”

Ron Paul called Bradley Manning – who gave Wikileaks their data in the largest breach of US Security ever – a Hero!

Ron Paul Opposed Killing Osama Bin Laden

Ron Paul: Prostitution OK / Legalize Narcotics / Iran having Nukes is OK

Ron Paul endorsed far left candidates Ralph Nader / Cynthia McKinney for President in 2008 and 9/11 Truther Chuck Baldwin as well. – not the Republican Nominee.

Ron Paul blames America for 9/11 and gets booed.

Muslim Newspaper in Michigan endorses Ron Paul

The Republican Security Council has even more to add – this is a facebook post, so you’ll need to log in.

Ron Paul got an 80% rating from the ACLU in 2010.

65-75% rating from NARAL (for being pro-choice) from 2005-2007 – the only Republican running for President whose rating was better than an “F” from NARAL.

An “F” rating from Immigration Watchdog Groups – he opposed the border fence, called the border patrol unconstitutional and advocates amnesty in his book liberty defined.

Has one of the most isolationist voting records there is in congress regarding trade policy.

You can not possibly take this guy seriously.

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