Sep 182011

Via their alternates on the Placer County Republican Central Committee – the above three abstained on a resolution in support of the Current Republican Party Platform vs the new gutted platform put forth by liberal Billionaire Charles Munger…

Those of you the read this blog know that the Placer County Republican Central Committee is a mess.

The mess was created by a self-styled “Conservative” activist with a personal axe to grind who used her media savvy to spread her vitriol. This same activist has deep ties to Gaines/Gaines/LaMalfa and has aligned herself with the small moderate minority on the Central Committee.

Therein lies the rub – at the time of my writing this post, I do not have a copy of the roll call on the resolution the Placer GOP adopted in support of the Conservative California Republican Party platform – but I do have several eye-witness accounts of the behavior of the alternates of the three electeds.

Doug LaMalfa appointed a known moderate activist Murriel Oles – who I endorsed for a leadership position in the California Federation of Republican Women. Murriel is a great activist for the GOP – but is not a CRA type Conservative. Her appointment by LaMalfa is consistent for two reasons:

1. LaMalfa’s allies in the North State are Moderates
2. LaMalfa is 100% opposed to the current conservative leadership of the Placer GOP Central Committee.

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I have been able to ascertain through anecdotal evidence that Karen England was responsible for getting Ted Gaines to appoint a known moderate, Carole Valliancourt as his alternate.

Again – this is an extension of Karen England’s alliance with the Moderates in her personal war against the CRA and the CRA – backed leadership of the Placer GOP Cent Com.

Beth Gaines? She is still trying to settle in to office and has given her alternate direction to abstain on everything unless directed to do otherwise.

For as much as I’d like to claim that this is Doug LaMalfa showing his true moderate convictions – this vote is not an indication of that. I believe that LaMalfa at his core is a conservative – but he has thrown in with the liberals because the Conservatives support other candidates and LaMalfa was/is a product of the Bernie Ricther camp.

LaMalfa is also motivated by revenge as much as Karen England is.

Ted Gaines and Beth Gaines are still embroiled in the middle of the ongoing war in the Placer GOP Central Committee.

The Conclusion?

Ted Gaines and Doug LaMalfa appointed Moderates and gave them no direction as to the platform issue – there was no other logical thing for those alternates to do other than abstain.

This is a sad, sad by-product of the war they have decided to get involved in at the Placer County GOP Central Committee level – they have allowed themselves to get painted in to a corner.

Beth Gaines will abstain until the cows come home.

And so continues the leadership vacuum in the Republican Party at the state elected level.

Meantime – the Placer GOP Central Committee will accomplish its’ mission with or without those that seek to dismantle it to serve their own ends.

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