California Republican Party Platform Fight Pits Billionaire Against the Rest of Us

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Sep 172011

Charles Munger – remember that name. He is taking over the mantle of leadership for the RINO / Liberal Country-Club Republicans from Mark Abernathy.

Those of us in insider Republican circles have dealt with Abernathy for years – most recently, Abernathy’s allies attempted rigged proxy fights to stop to Republican Youth organizations from merging as one of the groups existed for years as a shell that was used by Abernathy’s crew to engineer endorsements. Sound familiar?

The CRA just exercised years of similar demons.

When the mods lost time and again, they sued. Sound familiar? The CRA got sued, twice.

Now a man who is 25 years younger than Abernathy and 1,000 times more wealthy is at the helm.

How liberal is Munger? He was the prime booster for Arnold – he financed most of Arnold’s operations in internal party politics with the goal of exterminating CRA Conservatives from the California Republican Party’s leadership.

Munger was a prime booster for then uber-liberal Republican Steve Poizner’s failed Assembly campaign in 2004. As Poziner started moving to the right as he was discovering his own core values – Munger abandoned Poizner and moved over to the uber-liberal Republican Meg Whitman camp by the 2010 Governor Primary.

Munger has declared war on Conservatives and at 54 years of age, will be here to stay for most of my political lifetime.

According to insider sources – the reason Jim Nielsen was a leader in the effort to gut the Republican Platform was due in no small part to David Reade getting a paycheck from Munger to run the operation on the Draftng Committee that engineered the partial-birth-abortion of the Republican Party Platform.

Here’s what the Sacramento Bee had to say: Link.

I direct your attention to two quotes from Schwarzenegger Consultants in the article:

“He wants the party to be seen as mainstream and have the ability to elect candidates who have the potential to be elected statewide,” said political consultant Jeff Randle.

Jeff Randle is the go-to guy for liberal Republicans and causes in the State of California.

“Not only has he put his money where his mouth is, he puts his time and energy into it as well,” said GOP consultant Rob Stutzman. “He’s more than a donor – he’s an activist and he’s had a huge impact because he’s combined his activism with his ability to contribute money to his causes.”

Rob Stutzman used to be a fire-breathing conservative until getting into the Arnold Schwarzenegger operation.
Enough said – now you know the nexus.

Yolo GOP vs CRP RE: Referendum Fight Intensifies

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Sep 152011

The Yolo GOP think that the State Republican Leadership are committing suicide and are wasting resources trying a referendum against the district lines drawn by the idiots on the redistricting commission. The fight between the two is intensifying…



Woodland, CA. – September 12th 2011 The Yolo County Republican Central Committee today is announcing their formal opposition to the proposed referendum seeking to overturn the work of the Independent Redistricting Commission by the California Republican Party.

“ This is bad decision by the Californian Republican Party  This a time where we need leadership – not partisan bickering.  Our State has been particularly hard hit by this bad economy and our citizens need results.  I am more worried about keeping jobs in California than I am helping State Senators keeping their jobs.” said Kirby Wells the Vice- Chairman of the Yolo County Republican Central Committee.

The Central Committee must feel the same way as they voted unanimously to pass the motion as presented by Glenn Holderreed is as  follows in its entirely:

“The objective of the Republican Party is to expand its voter base and to elect Republican candidates.  The Yolo County Republican Central Committee believes the current efforts of the California Republican Party to overturn the Citizens Redistricting Commission State Senate and Congressional maps are counterproductive.  This committee wishes to communicate to other Central Committees and to the California Republican Party our adamant opposition to any legal or referendum effort to overturn the State Senate and Congressional maps submitted by the Citizens Redistricting Commission.  We also direct our chairman to communicate these thoughts to the appropriate California Republican Party officials.

Holderreed commented, “This is a waste of resources.  We need to lead with positive ideas to create jobs and prosperity.”

This motion and vote closely follows the announcement by the Yolo County Republican Central Committee of their recommendation to the State Party that no lawsuits should be filed against the Independent Redistricting commission except in the secondary support of a disenfranchised minority group’s legal action.  The Central Committee went on to specifically commend the work of the Redistricting Committee members – while noting that mistakes had been made – the overwhelming opinion was that the members had worked hard for the best result for the State and it’s citizens.

This action pits the Northern California Yolo County Republican Central Committee against the powerful talk show CRP Chairman Tom Del Beccaro.  With the Republican State Convention this coming week in Los Angeles the outcome of this stand by the little County from Northern California will play out on the much larger Statewide platform.

For more information please contact Kirby Wells

Vice-Chair, Yolo County Republican Central Committee.

(916) 215-4291

Sep 152011

Have you seen the recent STOP SB48 emails bearing the name of Doug LaMalfa and Gentlemen Jim Nielsen?

For those of you familiar with Jim Nielsen’s role in the attempted gutting of the 2012 CRP Platform – including eliminating any mention of a stand on “Homosexual Issues” – you’d wonder why Nielsen is suddenly interested in a referendum against forced Homosexual indoctrination of our children…

Allow your intrepid blogger to focus the issue. Occasionally a busted clock gets something right – this being the Capitol Resource Institute. We have highlighted the Capitol Resource Institute and their astounding conflicts of interest and connections to electeds. (In particular, Doug LaMalfa and Jim Nielsen)

Nielsen has been getting hammered – including by yours truly on the front page of the California Republican Assembly’s newsletter for his role in the attempted evisceration of the CRP Platform. Nielsen is obviously feeling the heat and the recent email from the CRI regarding their SB48 issue that is signed by Gentleman Jim is 100% a by-product of the pain the real CRA is inflicting on him because of his actions.

This is a by-product of reforming CRA, Nielsen and David Stafford Reade can no longer manipulate CRA – now they have accountability for their actions.

The CRI is 100% right to be leading the SB48 referendum – however, if this is like their fake Prop 8 site or the SB777 Referendum, they should be sued for screwing over California. The SB48 thing needs to qualify as the homosexual lobby has gone to communist extremes to force their agenda down people’s throats – if the CRI is simply using this issue to raise money, then they should burn in hell. If the CRI is serious and gets this thing across the finish line – I will applaud them as everyone else that values freedom and the rights of parents to educate their children should.

Nielsen? He’s a liberal that parades around his district as a conservative. His Chief of Staff – the ethically-challenged David Stafford Reade is on the CRI’s board of directors. There’s your nexus.

… and the Platform Fight? It has gone national – look here for One News Now coverage that features a quote from Real CRA President Celeste Grieg.

What is the platform that Jim Nielsen helped create for the CRP? Click here to see a fantastic analysis from CRA Senate District Director Rohit Joy. Nielsen is now outed is a liberal, no matter how many emails he signs.


Congressional Race Updates: CA-02 Stiglich to Take on Herger Again? CA-03 Draws Another Customer

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Sep 142011

CA-03: I am still waiting to see the entire field. Rick Tubbs is going to run for Congress again – after taking aim at George Miller in the district he used to be in, Tubbs, from Solano County is going after Garamendhi. I don’t know much about Tubbs at all.

Tubbs will join Conservative Retired Marine Colonel Charlie Schaupp and Liberal Republican Supervisor Kimm Dabrow-Vann in the race against John Garamendhi for CA-03.

CA-02: I detected a recent blog post from Shasta County super-activist Cherrill Clifford about Colonel Pete Stiglich. Stiglich is a long-time antagonist of Wally Herger’s and ran against Herger in the Primary of 2010. This becomes interesting as Placer County is now in CA-02.

Check out the Shasta Conservative Blog here for more on the Stiglich redux.

BTW – Stiglich is the President of the Shasta County Republican Assembly – the CRA endorsement in CA-02 will be an interesting sidebar to this tilt.



Your Government in Action – State Fund Phone Number 1-888-WHAT!?

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Sep 072011

I got this from the Work Comp Executive and almost fell out of my chair. The link is broken to the article on line, so I am re-posting the email in its’ entirety.

State Compensation Insurance Fund employees who choose to avail themselves of the carrier’s customer support toll free number (888) STATEFUND better hope the number isn’t symbolic of the support they would receive on the other end. What State Fund employees have discovered is that you don’t have to dial all 9 letters. 1-888-STATE FU will suffice.

The number appears on the customer support page of its website. And for employees facing upheaval under State Fund’s agency-wide consolidation plan, it seems emblematic of their future prospects. But there is no indication of subliminal messaging. No intentional flip off here.

“We have used this number in the past, but not state-wide. The number is easy to remember and our goal is to make it easy for customers to reach us,” State Fund spokeswoman Jennifer Vargen tells Workers’ Comp Executive. Vargen says that to her knowledge, no one has complained about the number.

According to state sources, 1 888 STATE FU is being greeted with some derisive chuckling from State Fund employees, who find it ironic that such a phone number is being put to state-wide use after State Fund’s announced consolidation.

Faced with a declining premium base, State Fund has begun the process of downsizing its operations, closing several offices and transferring employees to other geographic locations. Many employees are faced with lengthy commutes, difficult moves or finding new jobs in a perilous economy.

According to the musings of The State Worker blog, the phone number has become a running joke with State Fund employees. “Are you worried about your job? Just call 1 (888) STATE FU.”

When State Fund announced its consolidation, some employees were inclined to tell State Fund management the same thing. The Service Employees International Union, State Fund’s largest union, has accused management of engaging in de facto layoffs with its consolidation plan. Because many employees will not be able to make the change, they’ll just leave. When State Fund announced its plan at the end of last year, rank and file employees complained that they weren’t valued.

State Fund’s plan is expected to affect some 1,400 employees over three years, but earlier this year State Fund struck a deal with SEIU to lessen the impact to employees. Provisions of the deal include paid time off for employees relocating to take care of various aspects of the move. Employees who choose not to move will also receive paid time off to assist in their job searches.

Vargen says, overall, the moves are going very smoothly and all 2011 moves are on schedule to be completed by the end of the month.